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Genesys Solves Contact Center Challenges with Embedded Analytics

In this Age of Data there is a multitude of data sources. Genesys uses Microstrategy to bring it all together into a single platform and version of the truth to provide a full 360 view of the business to their customers. Valuable insights and ease of use has driven rapid user adoption - increasing the reach of analytics to many more users. By embedding Microstrategy in their Contact Center Solutions, Genesys is solving problems for their customers that no other company can.


[00:00] - The Age of Data - bringing it all together into a World Class experience
[00:54] - Single Version of the truth in one platform - challenge solved
[01:24] - Providing a 360 degree view of the business
[01:38] - Easy to use, rapid increase in user adoption
[01:53] - Solving problems that no one else can

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