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Forrester Research: The Executive’s AI Primer

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The rise of generative AI means AI is now ready for business impact. The question remains—how?
Business and technology leaders know that GenAI is poised to provide impact, but strategic vision and organizational readiness vary widely. Ready or not, executives must pivot quickly to embrace GenAI so their businesses aren’t left behind. 

“After many long years of hype and promise, AI is enterprise ready. Data and technology executives can no longer turn a blind eye or hide behind a lack of understanding.”
— The Executive’s AI Primer, Forrester, 2023

Forrester’s report provides a pragmatic guide to help leaders harness AI and enhance their data and analytics strategies. Its insights aid in navigating AI intricacies, averting strategic and execution missteps, and employing transformative technologies to maximize the value extracted from their data. 

Please enjoy this Forrester Research report, compliments of MicroStrategy.