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Commitment to Accessibility

MicroStrategy’s Commitment to Accessibility


MicroStrategy® is fully committed to inclusion of its customers and users with disabilities. We are taking steps to help ensure that the applications within many of our MicroStrategy products, and our customers’ experiences, adhere to WCAG 2.1 Level AA standards. 

MicroStrategy undertakes continuous reviews and audits of our client applications for accessibility. Since 2019, our programs and applications have gone through an accessibility audit by a premier third-party accessibility consulting firm, Accessibility Partners. The company uses a three-prong approach to testing: skilled accessibility testers with and without disabilities, coupled with assistive technologies and accessibility testing tools. 

Current State

Our goal is to target WCAG 2.1 Level AA accessibility for the latest version of MicroStrategy content and consumption experiences. This is accomplished through our modern client applications which include Dossier®, the Library product suite, and HyperIntelligence® and in our current MicroStrategy ONE™ platform.

Starting with the MicroStrategy 2019™ release, we have been executing a plan that helps prioritize workflows and capabilities intended for consumption of information across these client applications. With the recent and planned improvements to our current products and applications, MicroStrategy’s products, their content, and their overall functionality can be configured to be significantly more accessible to users of various abilities than previous versions. We highly recommend customers upgrade to MicroStrategy ONE™ to receive the benefit of these updates.

We have established best practices for web and mobile application accessibility across our development teams, which include providing alternative text for images, header labels to tables and grids, labeled form fields, captions for multimedia content, natural tab order, color usage, and clear color contrast, among other crucial accessibility considerations. These best practices help ensure screen-reader capabilities, the ability to navigate information with only a keyboard, acceptable color contrast, and overall information visibility.

Recent Accessibility Improvements

Consistent with our commitment to accessibility, the following accessibility improvements and functionalities have been recently released: 

MicroStrategy 2019™
  • First release of MicroStrategy Library for web. Built from the ground up with modern web frameworks that help enable robust screen-reader compatibility and keyboard navigation. 
  • Introduced two new interaction paradigms, Table of Contents and Filter Panel, that provide simple and intuitive mechanisms for navigating the content and filtering Dossier data. These two new elements were also designed and built following accessibility guidelines for screen-reader compatibility and keyboard access. 
  • Introduced Responsive Design capabilities that help enable users to consume Dossier within Library in a wide range of forms and zoom factors. Users can liberally zoom in using their web browser and the content or layout can automatically flow to retain legibility and logical order. 
MicroStrategy 2020™
  • Introduced Show Data feature for Library on web and Library for iOS visualizations as an alternate mechanism to read the underlying data of a grid or chart in tabular format. The feature is accessible via the keyboard and once the data is rendered on screen in tabular form, it is accessible and compatible with screen-readers. Users are also able to export the tabular data to Excel where they can read and manipulate it further. 
  • New in MicroStrategy 2020 Update 2 (ver. 11.2.2), the native Library application for macOS and Windows, named MicroStrategy, was introduced. Built with modern frameworks, the native Library application delivers many of the same accessibility capabilities as Library for Web. New support for Dark Mode was also introduced with the MicroStrategy app which provides a higher contrast option that helps improve information readability for some users. 
MicroStrategy 2021™
  • Revamped the color palette in all Library applications and the MicroStrategy application to improve overall information visibility. The new primary blue color and other new colors meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA color contrast minimums.  
  • Improved application-level support for screen reader and keyboard experience in Library for Web and the MicroStrategy application. Keyboard tab order and clear keyboard focus indicators have been enhanced throughout the home page, title bars, and navigation menu bar items. A new F6 keyboard shortcut was introduced allowing for quick navigation between regions. 
  • Improved ability to navigate throughout Dossier containers in a logical order using screen readers and keyboard controls in Library Web. 
  • Introduced a modern and accessible grid visualization in Dossiers that supports accessible contextual linking
  • Seamlessly navigate an application and visualizations across pages with the use of screen readers and keyboards that are now fully supported for MicroStrategy Library Web and Library Desktop (the MicroStrategy Application). 
  • Accessible keyboard focus indicators can be viewed across all Dossiers. 
  • Dossier and Library now provide accessible contextual linking from graphs and other visualizations for enhanced insights, right from the Show Data dialog.
  • Improved ability to navigate and consume information in a tabular format with grid enhancements in the Show Data dialog. 
  • Enable high contrast with additional OS-level accessibility settings for improved legibility.


We highly encourage our customers to upgrade to the latest version of MicroStrategy. MicroStrategy ONE™ is our current flagship platform and all accessibility improvements will be included in this release line. Converting Report Services Documents to Dossier® will allow organizations to become more compliant with WCAG 2.1 guidelines as we continue to improve the accessibility status of our products. MicroStrategy Professional Services can prepare organizations achieve accessibility needs with the MicroStrategy ONE™ capabilities available today. For assistance on building accessibility focused applications or modernizing existing content, please contact MicroStrategy Professional Services here.

MicroStrategy welcomes feedback on the accessibility of our products. Should you have further questions about accessibility or suggestions on how we can improve, please contact Technical Support here.

Safe Harbor Statement 

The Accessibility web page describes features that are under development by MicroStrategy. The functionalities described herein may or may not be released as shown.

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