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Top 10 Features of MicroStrategy 2020 Update 2

MicroStrategy 2020 Update 2 delivers more than 180 capabilities for business users, analysts, and architects with a new MicroStrategy desktop application, enhancements to Dossier and HyperIntelligence, Expert.Now, and improvements to our data connectors and Workstation. In this video, Chief Technology Officer Tim Lang walks through 10 exciting new features in MicroStrategy 2020 Update 2.


[0:33] MicroStrategy Application
[3:26] Search for HyperIntelligence Cards
[4:32] Pattern Matching on HyperWeb
[5:48] Share HyperIntelligence Cards
[7:22] Native KPI Performance on Library Mobile
[8:13] Workstation Filter Editor
[9:43] Improved Data Label, Format, and Container Fit Default
[10:50] MicroStrategy Library MAM with Intune SDK
[12:51] Out-of-the-box Teradata and Snowflake Drivers
[14:27] One-click Upgrade for Azure

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