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MicroStrategy and Snowflake - Better Together

Snowflake is a Platinum Gateway and a popular Data Source among customers. Microstrategy and Snowflake have worked together to create high performance access to big data stored in Snowflake. Sales Engineer, Michal Janowski will walk through using Snowflake as a data source to MicroStrategy and show how the two products work together to provide high performance at lower cost for customers.


[00:00] Intro
[00:08] Dossier with big data from Snowflake
[00:26] In memory cubes
[00:50] Adding additional external data with Live Connect mode
[01:28] Self service custom attributes pushed down to Snowflake
[01:51] Optimizing performance while minimizing cost in the Dossier
[02:26] Collaboration and sharing the analysis with Library
[02:55] Hyperintelligence bringing intelligence to everyone
[03:22] Summary and Recap

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