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Get Started with our Cloud Migration Questionnaire

Understanding your needs is an essential step in starting your cloud migration off on the right foot—and its helps streamline how you get to go-live down the road.

Explore the 5 categories of key information you’ll work with our experts to define as you complete your cloud migration questionnaire and kickoff our build of your pre-production environment.

[0:10] - General Project Expectations

[0:27] - Current Application Setup

[0:56] - Current Infrastructure Setup

[1:12] - Organizational Cloud Strategy

[1:52] - Organizational Cloud Strategy

In this video, we'll be going over the high level information that you should have ready to ensure a smooth kick off to your pre-production environment and migration. The first category is general project expectations. MicroStrategy will start by walking you through some basic discovery questions to learn more about your expectations for this migration.

They'll ask you questions such as when is your tentative go live date or what pain points are you trying to eliminate by moving to the cloud? These are very simple questions that your main point of contact can answer.

The second category is your current application setup. MicroStrategy will want to know about the applications that we are going to move into the cloud. The MicroStrategy team will ask you questions such as how many users do you have? What types of MicroStrategy clients are you using? What data sources are you connecting to, et cetera?

When combined with the remaining information, this information will help us ensure that the new environment and the applications that we move into it is properly configured. So that they're ready to be used as soon as we hand over your preproduction environment.

The next category is your current infrastructure. MicroStrategy will next ask you about things like, do you currently have clustering? Do you need single sign on or so capabilities? How do you currently establish connectivity to your data sources and so on so that we can make sure to replicate that in your cloud environment?

For category number four, MicroStrategy will ask you about your network and security requirements. MicroStrategy takes security very seriously, and we want to make sure that the way we set up your environment is set to your security standards.

We'll ask you questions such as do you need certification? How do you want your users to log on? Do you want URLs to be privately accessible or publicly accessible, et cetera?

Naturally, different people will be best suited to answer different questions. We really recommend that you involve your MicroStrategy administrator, your database administrator and your network security administrator and any of the information gathering sessions that we host.

These individuals will help fill any knowledge gaps and help ensure that everything is set up perfectly for your migration.

And finally, number five, your current cloud strategy. We want to make sure you'll be as successful as possible, implementing your full Cloud Vision in order to do so.

We want to know a little bit more about your cloud vision, so we'll ask you questions such as what is your current cloud strategy? What parts of your technology do you already have in the cloud, or are you planning on Migrate to the cloud? Do you currently have a DevOps team that's ready to manage your Cloud Infrastructure and other questions like that?

All of these questions will help us better understand your vision and help us give better recommendations for your MicroStrategy cloud implementation. When we create your pre product environment, our team will be available to answer any questions that you might have throughout the information gathering session.

We've migrated hundreds of customers large and small. We've seen it all. We're happy to provide any best practices or recommendation whenever you have a question.

If you want to learn more, go to, where you'll find how to videos, tutorials, knowledge based articles and so much more. And if you're ready to get started today, contact your account rep.

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