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Unlocking the Future: World 2024 Daily Recap #1

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Lynsey Foote

April 30, 2024


Yesterday we had the absolute thrill of kicking off World 2024 at Resorts World Las Vegas. Day 1 of the conference brought together the brightest minds, the boldest ideas, and the most cutting-edge tech in data analytics. Here’s what Day 1 brought us.


MicroStrategy World Keynote: Let the Data Lifeblood Flow

The big stage and bigger announcements! Tuesday kicked off with the electrifying “Let the Data Lifeblood Flow” keynote session that set the tone for the rest of the conference. Phong Le, CEO of MicroStrategy, took the stage to deliver an inspiring vision into the future of analytics and business intelligence.

The core theme of his keynote was that data is the blood that runs throughout organizations, “pumped” throughout companies by its heartbeat, data experts and executives, and brought to life by your end users through functionality and engagement.

But many orgs find themselves running into clogged arteries or weakened organs, facing issues like Big Data Stupor and Application Sprawl.

  • Big Data Stupor: When your people aren’t doing what you hired them to do, creating areas of overcompensation, leading to ungoverned, unhealthy data environments.
  • Application Sprawl: Using at least 11 applications to complete your job everyday, resulting in employee frustration and uncertainty in your business’s future.

But Phong proposed a solution. MicroStrategy ONE with AI.

The game-changing, cloud-native platform lets you break away from Big Data Stupor and Application Sprawl, giving your employees the ability to receive personalized and relevant information in a human way. It’s the next generation of BI. And the best part? This is intelligence that is personalized, trustworthy, and automated, anticipating what your workers need to know and can take action on.

But Phong didn’t stop there; he brought out Vuori, Bayer, and the US Department of State, three of our innovative customers, onstage to share their own experience of how they’re combating Big Data Stupor and Application Sprawl with MicroStrategy ONE.

To bring our opening keynote to a close, Phong ended with this sentiment: “look up.” If we want our organizations to move faster, innovate faster, and grow faster, we have to let our people refocus and give them time to look up or else they will miss the opportunities around them.

With an inspiring keynote kicking off Day 1, we quickly moved into opening the conference floor for Customer Session Highlights and open networking on our Collaboration Floor.


Key Customer Sessions Highlights

Tuesday was filled with incredible customer insights! Throughout the day, attendees were treated to a myriad of insightful customer sessions that showcased real-world examples of data-driven success stories. From retail revolution to healthcare transformation and financial sector innovation, these sessions provided invaluable insights into how organizations are leveraging MicroStrategy's analytics solutions to drive tangible business outcomes and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving landscape.

The Future of AI in BI with Pfizer, Enova, & Sainsbury’s Panel

The future of AI is bright with Pfizer, Enova, and Sainsbury's, early adopters of AI in the business intelligence community. Attendees of this customer session had front row seats to the latest data strategies and real-world best practices at the forefront of the AI and BI convergence and learning firsthand from these trailblazers in diverse industries. They were captivated by this session showcasing how leading giants leveraged MicroStrategy's AI-powered analytics solutions to revolutionize their operations.

Bayer: Delivering Mobile Analytics at Scale & Piloting AI with MicroStrategy Cloud

Another standout session featured Bayer, a healthcare industry leader sharing their journey of digital transformation powered by MicroStrategy: their bold roadmap, piloting AI to power data-driven innovation, and shaping the future with MicroStrategy by pioneering AI for BI. Attendees gained valuable insights into how advanced analytics are reshaping industry and driving operational efficiencies in a rapidly evolving landscape. Thanks to MicroStrategy Cloud this global industry leader delivers mobile analytics at scale to its field representatives to stay ahead in a competitive market.

Key MicroStrategy Sessions Highlights

In addition to customer success stories, attendees had the opportunity to get hands on experience with MicroStrategy's innovative AI+BI technologies and strategic initiatives. From exploring the future of analytics to mastering advanced analytics techniques and navigating the path to the cloud, these sessions equipped attendees with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to unlock the full potential of their data assets and drive actionable insights that fuel business growth.

MicroStrategy AI Demo

World24 attendees had the incredible opportunity to participate in multiple MicroStrategy AI Demo sessions to explore firsthand the forefront of AI with our full suite of GenAI powered capabilities and feel that the future of analytics is here. We delved into the roadmap for MicroStrategy's future developments and innovations, and gained exclusive insights into upcoming features, product enhancements, and strategic initiatives aimed at empowering organizations to unlock the full potential of their data assets.

Create Your Own Auto: Build-a-Bot Workshop

Auto Express took the main stage at World 2024 and our customers got lit up like the Sphere in Las Vegas! The valuable Create Your Own Auto workshop was part of our premiere Auto Express Program at World. All World attendees were invited to:

  • Activate their own Auto Express 30-day trial
  • Follow along our guided tutorial
  • Build their own standalone AI/BI bot without a single line of code
  • Customize their bot's appearance
  • Embed it in commonly used applications to expand data analytics capabilities
  • And receive an Auto figurine!

Our prospects and customers were able to explore how their vision of AI+BI could deliver value for their organization in real life.

The Ultimate AI+BI Party at Zouk & Ayu


After an enriching day of deep dives into customer stories and discovering the new world of AI + BI, it was time to let our hair down and celebrate at the unforgettable Party at Zouk & Ayu. The energy, vibrant ambiance and entertainment added to the camaraderie among attendees, creating an electric atmosphere that perfectly encapsulated the spirit of innovation and collaboration that defines the MicroStrategy community.

Tuesday at World24 Wrap-up

Tuesday at World 2024 was an empowering, productive day filled with inspiration, innovation, and excitement. Attendees gained invaluable insights, forged new connections, and explored the limitless possibilities of data-driven success with MicroStrategy.

As we reflect on the highlights of Tuesday at World 2024, one thing is abundantly clear: the future is bright, and together, we are poised to unlock its limitless possibilities. Stay tuned for more updates, insights, and inspiration as we continue our journey of innovation and transformation.

Until then, keep dreaming big and embracing the power of data to shape a brighter tomorrow.

Heads up: Next Steps

Remember to check out your agenda for Day 2 sessions and to schedule a 1:1 meeting with your sales rep!

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