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Navigating the Data Universe: World 2024 Daily Recap #2

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Lynsey Foote

May 2, 2024


Top-tier leaders. Trailblazing conversations. Breakthrough technologies. Revolutionizing business tactics. Real-world success stories.

Wednesday, May 1 at World 2024 brought a whirlwind of innovation, inspiration, and invaluable insights as we dove deeper into the transformative potential of data-driven strategies. Day 2 was all about empowering to make more informed, data-driven decisions, discovering actionable strategies from market leaders across various industries, and democratizing data to boost business opportunities. From captivating sessions to hands-on workshops, the day was filled with enriching experiences that left us energized and equipped to drive actionable insights in our organizations.


Key Sessions Highlights by Theme

Throughout the day, World buzzed with activity as attendees immersed themselves in the abundance of sessions covering the event's six program tracks. From the cutting-edge realm of AI Innovation to the foundational principles of Governance & Security, there was something for everyone seeking to deepen their understanding of data-driven strategies.

AI Innovation

In the AI Innovation track, attendees were treated to thought-provoking discussions on the future of artificial intelligence. Visionaries from across industries shared insights into how AI is revolutionizing everything from streamlining operations and enhancing customer experiences, to achieving sustainability goals and providing rapid visibility into supplier performance.

Introduction to MicroStrategy ONE: The Future of BI is Pervasive, Cloud Native, & Augmented was a session where attendees discovered how to lead the analytics transformation they've been dreaming of. Product leaders tackled the top benefits and value of MicroStrategy ONE, AI-powered trusted BI platform that helps businesses drowning in data, spreadsheets, and dashboards to find the information they need, where and when they need it. Our product leaders navigated the audience on how to unlock pervasive and augmented experiences that will elevate their data game.

Art of the Possible

Meanwhile, in the Art of the Possible track, attendees got to experience the multitude of creative ways of they can use MicroStrategy AI and Auto features.

In the Immersive Experiences: Navigating the Retail Supply Chain interactive panel industry experts shared tips on how to:

  • Navigate the intricacies of today's market
  • Enhance your operational efficiency
  • Prepare for future industry trends
  • Shift towards a more data-centric approach

Through presentations and interactive workshops, data leaders from the FBI, Prince William County Public Schools, Victoria's Secret, AgReserves, MassMutual, and more, attendees got first-hand knowledge behind these customer’s data-driven success.

Analytics Toolbox

In the Analytics Toolbox track, attendees rolled up their sleeves and got down to the nitty-gritty of data analysis.

In the hands-on Data Modeling Tabletop: Transform Data Preparation with AI our product managers guided participants in exploring the potential of Auto Data Models and data wrangling to aid businesses in organizing and analyzing their data efficiently. We delved into the MicroStrategy semantic layer, enabling users to establish business logic, connections, and hierarchies, catering to both technical and non-technical users for simplified data comprehension and analysis.

The sessions provided practical insights into leveraging analytics tools needed to build powerful apps, manage trusted data at scale, and stay current with the evolving data landscape.

Embedded Experiences

The Embedded Experiences track had a spotlight moment as attendees explored how to seamlessly integrate user-centric apps into their everyday workflows.

During the Pfizer: Accelerating Insights with Smart Cards session, Inigo Aznar, Director of Analytic Strategy at Pfizer, shared the story of their innovative HyperIntelligence pilot project that empowers call center representatives with Hyper cards for instant, valuable insights to enhance customer interactions and drive efficiency in their call centers.

Governance & Security

Meanwhile, in the Governance & Security track, attendees learned how to navigate the complexities of data governance and ensure the security of their data assets. Participants explored how Fannie Mae transforms reports into interactive APIs, NBCUniversal transitions from scattered data chaos to a unified semantic layer, co-operators and MassMutual navigate the intricacies of ensuring data reaches the right audiences, and Swedbank drives reporting for thousands of users. These sessions provided guidance on building a robust governance framework that safeguards data integrity and protects against security threats.

Cloud Strategy

The Cloud Strategy track offered our guests insights into navigating the cloud landscape and exploring cloud-native capabilities that’ll enable their businesses to scale and modernize like never before.  

Ajay Talwar from Freddie Mac recounted how they reduced risk and gained efficiencies in test and deployment processes, as well as how they created automated deployment pipelines in the Freddie Mac: Reduce Risk & Improve Speed to Market through Test & Deployment Automation session.

The Cloud Strategy track wouldn’t be complete without cloud migration success stories in an industry notoriously difficult to migrate to the cloud: banking. In the Cloud-Driven Banking with Renasant Bank, ICBC, & Prisma Medios de Pago captivating session executives representing these three banking institutions discussed their journey in formulating successful cloud strategies, surmounting challenges, and executing cloud initiatives within the banking sector.


Key Partner Sessions Highlights

Partner Sessions at World provided invaluable insights into industry trends, technological advancements, and strategic partnerships driving innovation. Covering themes from AI-driven data products to data lakes, attendees gained actionable insights to propel their organizations forward in the digital age. Infocepts, Empower BI, and Exasol showcased innovative solutions and best practices to empower organizations in their data analytics journey.

In the AWS: Accelerate Your Cloud Journey panel, Tamara Astakhova and Dmitry Frizner shared the core principles and key concepts of cloud computing, provided strategies for selecting optimal services, and offered expert advice on addressing common queries.

In the insightful LINEN Cloud: Data Lakes to Revenue Streams - Sales Planning + BI panel, representatives from LINEN Cloud, KPMG, and Cisco discussed prevalent hurdles encountered by sales and finance teams, such as discrepancies between planning and execution, as well as misaligned go-to-market strategies, capacity planning issues, and sales force retention challenges. They offered strategies for transforming these challenges into opportunities by utilizing integrated planning tools, automating workflows, and leveraging data insights through AI+BI solutions.


World24 Wednesday Wrap-up

As the day drew to a close, attendees left World 2024 inspired and excited to bring analytics enhancements to their company. One thing is abundantly clear: the power of data has never been more evident. From driving business growth to fostering innovation, data continues to be the driving force behind success in the digital age.

Heads up: Next Steps

Seize the opportunity to join the forefront of innovation and inspiration! Register now for World 2025 and enjoy our special early bird offer. Dive into a journey filled with exploration, networking, and empowerment. Grab your spot today and let's shape the future together!


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Lynsey Foote

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