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Webinar Recap: Navigating the New Era of Embedded Analytics

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June 24, 2024


It’s a new era in embedded analytics and it’s more than Generative AI. Watch our discussion on what is changing with AI-powered embedded analytics and how your organization can win.

This April 2024 webinar featured MicroStrategy Senior Sales Engineer Kaylin Cowell, based in Toronto, and Principal Sales Engineer Arpan Sharma, based in Austin.

In a concise discussion of under 30 minutes, they cover:

  • About MicroStrategy
  • Embedding with MicroStrategy using AI, HyperIntelligence, and the MicroStrategy ONE platform
  • Next steps

As the world’s largest independent, publicly traded analytics and business intelligence (BI) company, MicroStrategy supports over 4,000 customers and over 300 embedded partners. Since our founding in 1989, MicroStrategy innovation has evolved from bulk reporting, an integrated semantic layer, and self-service dashboards to a cloud-native, AI-powered intelligence platform.

Why Adopt Embedded Analytics?


Hundreds of embedded customers chose MicroStrategy to monetize data, increase adoption and speed time to value.

From a customer standpoint, three reasons for embedding analytics are data monetization; increased adoption through value-added features that maintain the look & feel of your host application; and faster time to value by working with the leader in AI-powered embedded analytics.

In the past, these goals were hampered by the previous generation of embedded analytics whereby organizations often had to settle for off-brand, cumbersome user interfaces and lengthy code development cycles. A lot has changed for the better since then.

MicroStrategy offers multiple deployment options to ease integration. We provide no code, low code, and full code options for embedding analytics, so your organization can pick what best suits your needs. Deployment options support cloud, multi-cloud, multi-tenant SaaS, on-premises, and hybrid architectures.

The MicroStrategy semantic layer speeds rapid time to value while reducing the risk of incompatible or misleading data. Sharma describes during the webinar the importance of the MicroStrategy semantic knowledge graph: “You get a catalog of infinite objects that you can reuse as many times as you want.”

Embedded analytics go beyond static charts to interactive dashboards, AI-powered natural language questions, and click-to actions integrated seamlessly in role-defined workflows.

MicroStrategy has five key flavors of AI functionality powered by our custom AI bot named Auto:

  1. Auto Bot creates a stand-alone AI bot based on your data so that people at every skill level can ask analytical questions in natural language and receive answers from wherever they are working.

  2. Auto Dashboard enables anyone to create and refine data dashboards with AI-powered dashboard suggestions and natural language commands.

  3. Auto Answers enables anyone to ask natural language questions of data, to democratize data access across your organization or customer base, and to reduce the burden of ad-hoc data requests on your organization’s data practitioners.

  4. Insights consolidates all your key performance indicators (KPIs) in one place, automatically has MicroStrategy monitor the KPIs for trends or outliers, and then notifies you when unusual activity occurs.

  5. Auto SQL helps data practitioners to write, understand and optimize SQL queries of your data.

These five flavors of AI+BI functionality are available both within MicroStrategy ONE and through MicroStrategy-powered embedded analytics.

Why MicroStrategy for Embedded Analytics?


In the webinar, Cowell covers the range of embedded deployment options for Auto Bot from inclusion in your MicroStrategy library to mobile applications, simple iFrames, web applications such as Salesforce, and custom web pages. She provides a live demo of Auto Bot in a Salesforce environment.

Sharma then provides a discussion and live demo of MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence. You can apply MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence to any application, turning any keyword into immediate insights with just a hover. Keywords are highlighted in any app. A quick hover shows the most important metrics and information. Integrated actions guide people to the right next step or workflow.

With HyperIntelligence, you can design the cards and select access to all or a subset of users. Data sources include for example Snowflake, Salesforce, and an Amazon S3 bucket.

Cowell then does a brief deep dive into the MicroStrategy Open Architecture APIs and SDKs to embed AI-powered embedded analytics into your applications, from REST and Push APIs to Data Connector and Web SDKs to Python and more options.

The Embedding API is a great place to start to extend your existing MicroStrategy analytics to any application or web page, as shown by an example video from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Cowell and Sharma close the webinar with attendee questions.

To learn more, watch the MicroStrategy recorded webinar on demand Insight to Impact: Navigating the New Era of Embedded Analytics.

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