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The power of prompting: Maximize MicroStrategy’s AI capabilities

Photo of Lauren O’Connor

Lauren O’Connor

March 29, 2024


Learn best practices for effective prompting in MicroStrategy AI, including framing questions clearly, providing relevant context, breaking down complex queries, and using natural language.

What is a prompt for AI?

A prompt is the natural language input to a generative AI model where the user tells the model what to do. Basically, prompts are the instructions you give to AI. In the case of image-generation AI models, the prompt is typically the description of the image you want to generate. For example, let's say you want to make an image for your dog’s second birthday party. You type this prompt into an AI art generator (in this case, DALL-E): dog birthday party.


Output when giving AI a prompt for a "dog birthday party."

This image is pretty good, but the main dog isn't a Labrador like yours and doesn't quite capture the sophistication you imagine your dog has. So, you refine your prompt: Labrador Retriever, wearing a tuxedo, 4K, professional photography, fancy restaurant, LinkedIn profile picture, photorealistic, birthday. By adding detail and specificity, you’re able to generate the perfect image for your party invite.


Generative AI output when you give AI the prompt "Labrador Retriever, wearing a tuxedo, 4K, professional photography, fancy restaurant, LinkedIn profile picture, photorealistic, birthday."

Prompting in MicroStrategy AI


As much as I love generating images of dogs on their birthday (truly, I do. I spent way too much time creating images of fancy dogs.), we’re here to talk about prompting and MicroStrategy.  

With MicroStrategy’s latest Artificial Intelligence capabilities, you access the precision and trust of Business Intelligence paired with the intelligence and speed of AI.  

By utilizing prompt engineering techniques, you can fully leverage MicroStrategy’s AI capabilities and maximize its potential. Below are some best practices to help you get the answers you need: 

  • Frame your questions using clear and precise language. Avoid vague terms or generalizations that might lead to ambiguous interpretations. Try to ask for specific insights or comparisons.
    • Vague: Tell me about sales trends.
    • Specific: What were the total sales for Product X in the last quarter?
  • Include necessary details by providing relevant context to help the AI understand your intent better. 
    • Unclear: "Show me the customer data."
    • Clear: "Can you provide the customer retention rate for the past six months?"
  • If you have a complex question, consider breaking it down into smaller, more digestible parts. This approach helps AI process and respond to each component effectively.  
    • Complex: "What is the average revenue per customer for each region?"
    • Simplified: "What is the average revenue per customer for Region A, broken down by product category?"
  • One of the advantages of interacting with MicroStrategy's AI capabilities is the ability to utilize natural language. Frame your questions as if you are asking a knowledgeable person for insights. This approach helps AI understand the intent behind your query and provide accurate responses. 
    • Robotic: "Sales report. Q3. Show."
    • Natural Language: "Can you show me the sales report for the third quarter?"

Result when you give AI a prompt.

  • Natural language allows for more nuanced communication. If a question requires additional context, provide that context in a conversational manner. This additional information can help AI generate more accurate and relevant insights. 
    • Basic: "What were the sales figures for Product X?"
    • Contextual: "What were the sales figures for Product X in the last quarter? I'm particularly interested in the European market."
  • Iterating and refining your questions is an essential practice to optimize your interactions. If you receive responses that are not entirely aligned with your expectations, don't hesitate to adjust and rephrase your questions. Experiment with different phrasings or provide additional context to help the bot better understand your intent. 
  • Prompt engineering is an ongoing process. Stay open to learning and adapting your approach as you gain more experience with AI. 

By following these best practices, you can unlock the full potential of MicroStrategy's AI capabilities and derive valuable insights to drive your business forward.

AI Prompts: Generating Sales Dashboards with MicroStrategy's Auto AI

To learn best more about prompting with Auto Answers, check out this video from our Education team.

MicroStrategy Video

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Photo of Lauren O’Connor
Lauren O’Connor

Lauren leads Education at MicroStrategy, helping organizations successfully implement, adopt, and maximize their BI tools.

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