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Intelligent Analytics with MicroStrategy ONE

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Lynsey Foote

June 20, 2024


Intelligent Analytics with MicroStrategy ONE

Unlocking the Full Power of BI/AI Data with MicroStrategy ONE

Welcome to our highlights of the webinar "Introduction to MicroStrategy ONE" from the Best of World 2024 series. This webinar explores how MicroStrategy ONE can improve your data analysis with advanced features to enhance your data skills. Join PeggySue Werthessen, VP of Product Marketing, and Jeff Courcelle, Senior VP of UX Design. This webinar session dives deep into how MicroStrategy ONE can lead your intelligent analytics transformation.

Why MicroStrategy ONE?


MicroStrategy ONE is not just another business intelligence (BI) tool. It offers enterprise performance at scale, providing comprehensive analytics solutions that meet the demanding needs of organizations across various industries. Here are the key differences that make MicroStrategy ONE the go-to choice for enterprises:

  1. Pervasive, Trusted, and Open:
    These principles guide every investment and development decision at MicroStrategy. The platform aims to be widely accessible by seamlessly integrating with existing systems. It prioritizes maintaining high security standards to build trust. Additionally, it is designed to collaborate with various data sources and applications.
  2. Enterprise Performance at Scale:
    Unlike many competitors, MicroStrategy supports terabyte deployments, ensuring robust performance even with massive datasets. This means you can rely on the platform to handle large-scale data without compromising speed or efficiency.

Platform Capabilities

MicroStrategy ONE excels in delivering a wide range of capabilities tailored to modern business needs:

  1. Application Building:
    The platform allows users to create no-code, responsive enterprise applications. These applications are highly customizable, ensuring they can be adapted to different devices and user requirements without extensive coding.
  2. Embedding Capabilities:
    With a single code snippet, you can embed powerful analytics into your existing web applications. This feature lets users access and work with data in the tools they already use, making it easier and more convenient.
  3. HyperIntelligence:
    HyperIntelligence delivers zero-click insights through interactive cards that appear in web browsers. This innovative approach provides immediate access to critical data points without requiring users to perform manual searches or queries

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration


MicroStrategy ONE integrates advanced AI capabilities that further enhance its BI offerings:

  1. Introduction to Auto:
    The platform includes Auto SQL, Auto Dashboards, and Auto Answers, which streamline data querying, visualization, and reporting processes. These AI-driven features make it easier for users to generate insights and build comprehensive dashboards with minimal effort.
  2. Security and Data Privacy:
    The AI integration is designed with data security in mind. All interactions are temporary, meaning data is not kept after processing. Strong encryption is used to safeguard sensitive information.
  3. Upcoming Features:
    Future enhancements like Hyper AI and Auto Data Model will further extend the platform's capabilities. Hyper AI will use HyperIntelligence to improve data interactions. Auto Data Model will simplify the creation and management of complex data models.

Cloud Architecture


MicroStrategy ONE is built on a modern cloud-first architecture, offering significant advantages:

  1. Cloud-First Approach:
    The platform’s microservices architecture and containerized deployment options provide scalability, rapid deployment, and robust security. This method helps MicroStrategy ONE adjust to changing business needs and efficiently support large-scale deployments.
  2. Managed Cloud Services:
    Available on AWS, Azure, and GCP, these services offer flexibility and ease of management. Organizations now have the option to utilize a new private cloud option within their own premises, ensuring they retain data control.
  3. Customer Success Stories:
    The webinar highlighted real-world examples of how large enterprises benefit from MicroStrategy ONE. These success stories demonstrate the platform’s ability to improve performance, enhance security, and adapt to various business needs.


MicroStrategy ONE is a comprehensive, scalable, and secure BI platform that leverages advanced AI capabilities to enhance data analytics and reporting. With its robust performance, extensive capabilities, and modern cloud architecture, MicroStrategy ONE is poised to lead the analytics transformation for enterprises worldwide.

Don’t miss out on the full experience! Watch the on-demand recording of the webinar to gain deeper insights and see the platform in action.

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Photo of Lynsey Foote
Lynsey Foote

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