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5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss MicroStrategy World 2024

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Aleksandra Moskalik

April 1, 2024


MicroStrategy World 2024 is the 27th edition of our annual event but this isn’t just another conference. It's a deep dive into the future of Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence and experiencing a pivotal moment where the cutting-edge worlds of AI and BI converge. Set in Las Vegas from April 29 to May 2, 2024, it’s an ideal destination for data professionals, tech leaders, and decision makers. Read on to find out why.


1. Networking and Learning Opportunities

MicroStrategy World 2024 gathers industry leaders and experts, offering attendees a unique chance to network, share ideas, learn from those at the forefront of AI and Business Intelligence technologies and get truly inspired. Meet passionate developers, analysts, architects, and CXOs to foster industry connections and advance your career. Take it to the next level and schedule sessions with implementation experts to address challenges, design strategies, and create your AI deployment plan.

Listen to visionaries sharing their groundbreaking analytics stories on critical topics:

  • AI Innovation ​
  • Art of the Possible​
  • Analytics Toolbox​
  • Embedded Experiences​
  • Governance & Security​
  • Cloud Strategy
MicroStrategy World 2023

MicroStrategy World 2023

2. In-Depth Sessions on AI and Business Intelligence

With a focus on the latest advancements in AI-powered analytics, the event provides insights into real-world applications of these technologies. It covers AI implementation strategies, ethical AI, and practical applications in various industries. Watch Phong Le, MicroStrategy President & CEO on the trailblazing keynote session: Let the Data Lifeblood Flow to discover how AI can be used to eliminate data overload and make clear, actionable insights. Phong will be joined by Saurabh Abhyankar, MicroStrategy CPO who will show our latest AI capabilities that are solving problems and creating dramatic outcomes for our customers today. We will also welcome on the stage industry leaders at AWS and Microsoft, along with top analytics voices at Bayer, Vuori, and the U.S. State Department. You’ll want a front-row seat this year.


MicroStrategy World 2023

3. Hands-On Training and Certifications

MicroStrategy World 2024 participants can take advantage of expert-led training sessions and certification opportunities. These sessions cover various topics, from AI integration to advanced administration and enhancing professional skills. Seize the opportunity to level up with fast-track education and get certified by attending education sessions (worth $3,500 and free with your World 24 Pass):

  • Harness the Power of AI with MicroStrategy: Course & Certification

  • Fast-Track: Administrator Course & Certification

  • Departmental Analyst MicroStrategy ONE Recertification

  • Departmental Analyst Certification.

Moreover, get hands-on abilities to leverage AI power in your business: build personalized bots that automate tasks, streamline processes, and enhance user experiences. Get hands-on experience with our product in the Bring Your Own Laptop workshop sessions!


4. Exclusive Access to Success Stories and Innovations

Our exciting agenda showcases transformative stories from innovative Business Intelligence experts to early AI adopters. Attendees can gain insights from these real-world use cases and learn about our new solutions and features. Explore best practices on GenAI in analytics, and hear firsthand how top companies are leveraging AI and transforming their industries.


5. Entertainment and Experiences

Set in Las Vegas for the 10th time, the event promises professional growth, high-quality entertainment, and a memorable experience in a vibrant city known for its dynamic atmosphere. Don’t miss out on a Vegas-style analytics party!


Resorts World Las Vegas


Resorts World Las Vegas


MicroStrategy World 2023

Bottom Line

During these most productive four days of the year, a plethora of special events will roll out, inclusive of Partner & Product Showcases, live MicroStrategy AI Demos, Build-a-Bot Workshops, and many more. As part of World 24, we are also hosting the 4th annual Bitcoin for Corporations event with multiple panels delivered by world-class Bitcoin experts, among others Michael J Saylor, Executive Chairman at MicroStrategy.

Attend World 24 to stay up-to-date on latest Business Intelligence trends, gain deep insights into AI + BI strategies, go beyond data and analytics with AutoMagic, and expand your network along the way.

Visit the MicroStrategy World 2024 website for more detailed information and to register.

GenAI in analytics is taking off. Join us to navigate the AI wave. Achieve Intelligence Everywhere.


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Photo of Aleksandra Moskalik
Aleksandra Moskalik

Aleksandra is a certified Content Marketing Expert. Her know-how and IT ecosystem experience inspire how teams connect expertise with solving challenges and accelerating business value.

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