Usher is a mobile identity platform that delivers biometric-caliber security to every application and business process across the enterprise.

Biometric mobile identity.

The big ideas:

Dematerialize traditional forms of identity into a mobile identity badge.

biometric dematerialize diagram

Traditional forms of ID are costly and cumbersome to manage, and fail to prevent identity-based fraud and cybercrime because they are easily lost, stolen, and counterfeited.

Usher mobile identity converts traditional ID forms into a single identity “badge” that contains all of the credentials of the traditional forms of ID while avoiding their weaknesses.

Extend biometric mobile identities to every application and business process.

biometric extend diagram

Extensive identity interactions.

Usher can extend the biometrically-validated identity to a wide range of enterprise systems, enabling users to validate IDs, access applications, unlock doors, and authorize transactions.

Out-of-band communication.

Usher’s unique out-of-band architecture never sends identities directly from the mobile device. Instead, users “present” their IDs by authorizing Usher’s secure servers to send their IDs through an encrypted channel.

Deliver identity as an enterprise-caliber utility.

biometric deliver diagram

A complete enterprise system.

Usher Vault, Usher Intelligence, and Usher Manager provide a suite of tools to monitor, control and secure the entire Usher system.

Building on existing identity repositories.

Usher connects to existing ID repositories and single sign-on systems, allowing enterprises to leverage their investments in those systems and to continue using them as their identity systems of record.


Usher mobile identity can dramatically reduce fraud and improve cyber security throughout an enterprise’s operations.

More secure
for the enterprise.

The Usher Identity Platform is more secure than traditional forms of ID, and can dramatically reduce fraud and cybercrime.

More convenient
for the user.

Unlike physical IDs, Usher mobile identity is always available, and it can be reestablished on a new device at any time.

Easier to manage
for administrators.

Usher IDs can be created, distributed, updated, and revoked instantly from a secure console. The location and status of those IDs can be monitored and analyzed.

Platform components.

Usher is the most complete and powerful mobile identity platform on the market.


Usher mobile identity will change the way organizations identify people,
access applications and entryways, and authorize transactions.

Cyber Security

Cyber security.

Log onto applications

using simple smartphone gestures instead of passwords.

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Personal Identification

Personal identification.

Validate personal identities

in person or over the phone, with electronic precision.

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Physical Access

Physical access.

Open entryways

with digital keys that can be distributed, revoked, and shared instantly.

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Authorize transactions

using smartphone software enhanced with biometric security.

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Workforce Management

Workforce management.

Manage workforces

in real-time using intuitive visualizations and powerful communication tools.

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Three factors of authentication. Five layers of phone security.
Nine unique security controls. One complete architecture.

Platform Level Security

Platform-level security.

Inherent multi-factor security.

The Usher Identity Platform provides 3 factors of authentication: something you are (biometrics), something you have (your phone), and something you know (your passcode).

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Phone Security

Phone security.

What if the phone is lost?

Usher mobile identity provides 5 layers of protection to ensure that a lost phone cannot be compromised.

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