Customer support

Technical support that ensures the success
of your business intelligence investment

MicroStrategy Technology Services ensures the success of your investment in our technology. We provide unmatched service to our worldwide customers and partners through commitment to customer satisfaction and dedication to personalized support.

MicroStrategy understands that our customers' technical support needs vary and may evolve over time, which is why we offer four Technical Support plans designed to suit a wide variety of customer requirements.
Services Elite Priority Extended Standard
Regular On-Site Review Meetings                    
Prioritized Bug Requests                    
Priority Involvement in Beta Programs                    
Prioritized Product Enhancement Requests                    
Dedicated Support Engineer                    
Environment Replication                    
Weekly Status Reports                    
Critical Issue Notification                    
Assigned Case Manager                    
Recurring Project Status Conference Calls                    
24x7x365 Critical Tech Support               option
Upgrade Support        option option
Weekend Assistance               option
New Software Releases and Updates                    
Multi-Channel Communication                    
Customer-Designated Support Liaisons 4 3 3 2
Knowledge Base Access                    
Multi-Continent Support option option option option
Additional Support Liaisons option option option option

Standard Support

Standard Support includes:

  • New software releases and updates
  • Live technical support during standard business hours as specified for your region on the Contact Us page
  • 24/7/365 access to the Knowledge Base
  • Multiple contact channels – telephone, e-mail, fax, and online


Extended Support

Extended Support offers all the benefits of Standard Support, plus:

  • 24/7/365 critical technical support (English only)


Priority Support

Priority Support offers all the benefits of Extended Support, plus:

  • An assigned case manager that acts as an escalation point, responsible for account overview and regular review of all customer cases
  • Recurring project status conference calls

Elite Support

Our highest level of support, Elite Support offers all the benefits of Standard Support, plus:

  • A dedicated support engineer directly responsible for working on your cases
  • Environment replication – a copy of your metadata is maintained by MicroStrategy
  • Weekly account status reports
  • Critical issue notification
  • Recurring project status conference calls
  • 24/7/365 critical technical support, including weekends and holidays
  • Upgrade support
  • Regular on-site visits by your dedicated support engineer
  • Prioritized product enhancement requests
  • Priority involvement in Beta programs
  • Prioritized bug requests

Weekend Assistance

Weekend Assistance is a basic insurance policy that helps keep your upgrade progressing even if an issue comes up outside normal business hours. Weekend Assistance includes:

  • 24/7 live support for 30 days for any critical technical issue

Upgrade Support

Upgrade Support offers all the benefits of Weekend Assistance, plus:

  • An assigned Case Manager to oversee all support activity and communication
  • Accelerated escalation handling to address your highest concerns
  • 24/7/365 support availability – access to live support engineers at any time
  • Status meeting participation – regular conference calls to keep you up-to-date on all activity, progress, timelines, and plans
  • Weekly status and case reporting – comprehensive reports on all your open cases and issue activity
  • Rapid response times to tackle your concerns as soon as possible

"Once again, MicroStrategy was the top performing BI vendor among their peer group when it comes to quality and timeliness of product support. Among this group, MicroStrategy had more top ratings for support and the fewest customers complaining of poor support. This could be related to the stability and consistency of MicroStrategy's products, which were all developed by one company using a single architecture, rather than being assembled from multiple origins. MicroStrategy remains fully focused on a single product line, unlike the large, general-purpose vendors who provide the least product support."

Dr. Carsten Bange, Founder and CEO of BARC, in The BI Survey 10

"When we had a tough problem with a mission-critical production system that's used by our business partners, MicroStrategy's technical support was quick to recognize the urgency of our situation. Their engineers worked diligently to ensure that our issue was completely resolved. I have the highest regard for their professionalism and technical skill, and I consider MicroStrategy's technical support group the best."

Xiaojing Wang, Senior Data Warehouse Engineer, CNet

"Whenever I have needed MicroStrategy Support Services their efficiency and courtesy have been exceptional at all times. I have been working with MicroStrategy products for about two years for various clients' data warehouse projects. All the clients are very happy with MicroStrategy's products and have adopted them enthusiastically."

Carlos Prats, Bolance Data Warehouse Analyst, Gap Gemini Espana

"Thank you MicroStrategy Technical Support for always providing technically sound advice as quickly as possible. You have set the standards high for quality software and services."

Nancy Herman, Director Decision Support Systems, Estee Lauder

"[MicroStrategy Technical Support] has provided prompt responses to queries and problems. Something that is much appreciated on a project with very tight delivery dates. Their knowledge across the whole product range is excellent. Their manner was pleasant and helpful. It has been a pleasure dealing with Technical Support - others could certainly learn much from yours."

Jay Patel, Universal Pictures International

“Having a dedicated support engineer who truly understands our environment, our project plans and our deadlines has proven to be invaluable. We have built a strong partnership with Technical Support and our Premium Support Engineer over the past year; this has been a crucial part of our success with MicroStrategy.”

Todd Wilkes, Director, Applications Development, Premier, Inc.

"MicroStrategy technical support is the best I've seen in the business. Their response times are excellent and escalations are never a problem. It's great to see such commitment to resolving our support issues."

John Kaufman, CenterForce Technologies, Inc.

MicroStrategy Technical Support Contact Information

MicroStrategy customers who have a current maintenance contract or who are in their evaluation period have access to Technical Support. See Technical Support Contact details by region »

MicroStrategy Knowledge Base

The MicroStrategy Knowledge Base consists of thousands of documents written by MicroStrategy developers, engineers and consultants. Technical Notes that range in scope from product architecture to project implementation. The goal of the Knowledge Base is to provide MicroStrategy customers, partners and distributors with an exhaustive, easily searchable technical knowledge repository providing 24x7x365 online technical support. The Knowledge Base also hosts MicroStrategy's Product Manuals, Product Readmes and Release Notes, the Widget Library and Dashboard Templates.

MicroStrategy Community

The MicroStrategy Discussion Forum is an easy-to-use, extensive online community where you can network with your MicroStrategy and Business Intelligence peers. Use it to share implementation experiences and best practices, exchange ideas and troubleshoot issues with other MicroStrategy users from around the world.

Online Case Management

The Online Case Management system allows designated Support Liaisons to create new support cases and update existing support cases online 24x7x365. These users are also able to manage other users from their organization, including creating new users and assigning Knowledge Base or Support Liaison access to existing users. Note that the Online Case Management features are available only to designated Support Liaisons.

Download Site

The MicroStrategy Download Site is the online repository for all MicroStrategy Products. It is available to MicroStrategy employees, distributors, partners and customers with a Software License Agreement and/or a Maintenance Agreement.

Licensing / Server Activation Site

All MicroStrategy server products require activation within 30 calendar days of installation (7 days for MicroStrategy Evaluation Edition). This licensing technology ensures that installation of MicroStrategy server products are authentic and have been legitimately licensed. Server Activation registers each server installation with MicroStrategy and locks the installation to a specific machine. The Server Activation site allows customers to:

  • Perform this server activation,
  • Deactivate server installations that are no longer being used; and
  • Monitor all of their active server installations; MicroStrategy customers' designated Technical Support Liaisons will also see their activated servers available for selection when logging new support cases, providing an easy way to specify where a problem is occurring and allowing Technical Support engineers to quickly access information about your hardware configuration that may be relevant in troubleshooting.

MicroStrategy Developer Zone

The MicroStrategy Developer Zone is a collaborative environment designed for MicroStrategy customers, VARs, OEMs, and SIs to utilize and experience the power of MicroStrategy SDK. The MicroStrategy Developer Zone provides access to valuable resources such as the MicroStrategy Developer Library, samples, and resource files. It supports the latest as well as all previous versions of MicroStrategy SDK. Note that access to the MicroStrategy Developer Zone is restricted to named users of the MicroStrategy SDK; look for "MSDZ" under Developer Resources on the MicroStrategy Support Site.

Policies & Procedures

The MicroStrategy Technology Services team looks forward to working with you. The MicroStrategy Technical Support Policies & Procedures document provides a framework for effective engagement on support issues.

Product Support Expiration Schedule

MicroStrategy supports each major and minor release for a minimum of three years from release. A major or minor release will continue to be supported until one year after its successor is made available. Additionally, MicroStrategy will support service packs for one year after its successor service pack is released. When a release is expired, all of its related service packs, hotfixes, and patches will also be expired.

MicroStrategy Beta Programs

MicroStrategy customers who have a current MicroStrategy Premium Support contract can apply to join the MicroStrategy Beta Programs.