Travel, Transportation, and Logistics Solutions

Leading companies in travel, transportation,
and logistics use MicroStrategy

Travel, Transportation, and Logistics Solutions

Transportation and Logistics companies use business intelligence software to streamline operations, distribution, and fleet management in an industry adapting to increasing fuel costs, consolidation, and global competition.

Three of the top 5 global mail, package, and freight delivery companies in the Transportation and Logistics sector rely on the MicroStrategy BI platform to make more effective decisions, especially in the following business areas:

Shipping Performance Management

  • Promote long-term profitability and customer retention by tracking key measures such as daily revenue per mile traveled, number of overruns, and the percentage of on-time deliveries
  • Analyze key throughput, asset utilization, load balance, and revenue metrics to ensure that headcount and resources are used as efficiently as possible at distribution centers
  • Monitor shipment details and inspection asset utilization to better determine when, where, and how often to inspect shipments

Fleet Analysis and Maintenance

  • Combine analytics with Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), RFID, GPS, and other technologies to track weight, travel, and maintenance data for planes, trucks, and other vehicles in a fleet
  • Monitor fuel pricing, rental agreements, fleet specifications, maintenance scheduling, and over- and under-utilized vehicles to improve operations and limit unnecessary costs

Supply Chain and Logistics Optimization

  • Conduct thorough supply chain analysis to uncover inefficiencies and allow importers, exporters, transportation carriers, suppliers, and other partners to easily manage the distribution of their goods
  • Analyze shipping, bar-code, and manifest data to quickly identify errors and quality issues at distribution centers

Budget and Cost Management

  • Compare forecast vs. actual sales, tonnage, and yield to isolate the travel routes that generate the least amount of revenue and accurately predict future activity and related expenses
  • Manage budgets effectively by monitoring daily vehicle running costs, forecasting monthly results based on previous results, and shedding light on expenserelated metrics such as vehicle age, customer name, and book value

Customer Service and Order Management

  • Provide time-saving oversight and self-service to managers, customers, suppliers, and partners with 24x7 Web access to account, booking, billing, and delivery information

Unique Technical Needs of Travel, Transportation, and Logistics Companies

  • The amount of data generated by Travel, Transportation, and Logistics companies, especially considering the incredibly high numbers of vehicles and shipments, is unusually high.
  • Travel, Transportation, and Logistics companies who distribute goods to millions of customers and manage large supply chains across many channels often deploy analysis and reporting capabilities to far more users than most other companies. Having a BI platform that supports external users in addition to the internal requirements is essential.
  • Administrators need to maintain security across a user base that is spread around the globe. MicroStrategy allows administrators to control all security policies, access control lists, and permissions from one, central location.

Selected Customers in Travel, Transportation, and Logistics

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