MicroStrategy 9.0 certified for integration with SAP HANA.

Unleash your SAP investment with the power of MicroStrategy.

What our customers are saying.

"SAP HANA is used as the centralized source of truth at Adobe. MicroStrategy was really the driver for pushing that information out to the business. The MicroStrategy BI platform and SAP HANA were the catalysts for the speed and versatility goals that we have at Adobe, and the integration was amazing."

– Jeremy Hadley, Senior Manager BI, Adobe Systems

Unleash SAP HANA with the power of MicroStrategy.

You have invested in your SAP deployment, with data in SAP BW, SAP ERP and SAP HANA. Data that could be used to make critical business decisions. But turning that data into insight is not easy.

  • How do you enable every user to explore the data to gain insights?
  • How do you create Dashboard Apps that inject analytics into decision making?
  • How do you mobilize your data on tablets and smartphones?
  • How do you integrate SAP information with critical data outside of SAP?

Make HANA come alive with fast and flexible self-service analytics.

Transform data into stunning visualizations with MicroStrategy Visual Insight.

  • Produce pixel-perfect® dashboards highlighting trends and tracking KPIs with MicroStrategy dashboards.
  • Create reusable KPIs and dimensions for faster, higher quality results.
  • Enable business users to upload personal data like spreadsheets without IT involvement.

Operationalize HANA with Dashboard 2.0 Apps.

  • Organize high volumes of data into workflows to solve any business problem.
  • Integrate SAP HANA with the enterprise business model using the MicroStrategy MultiSource Option.
  • Distribute personalized dashboards to thousands of users.

Mobilize HANA - Access your HANA data from anywhere.

Build mobile apps that leverage data from your Enterprise BI.

  • Turn insight into action by enabling users to transact directly from their mobile devices.
  • Design exciting consumer-facing apps by embedding multimedia content such as videos, PDFs and brochures.