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From strategy through execution, MicroStrategy Professional Services helps you get the most from your MicroStrategy enabled solutions. We have developed, applied and refined methods for delivering leading-edge technology solutions.


MicroStrategy Technology Enablement Services

Business Intelligence Technology Implementation

Installation and Configuration
Determine which MicroStrategy components to use, and set them up based on reporting needs, number of users, and other requirements.

Application Integration
Integrate your MicroStrategy application with data sources, portals, security systems, single sign-on systems, identity management systems, or other third-party products.


Change MicroStrategy functionality or add new functionality to out-of-the-box capabilities.

Conversion to MicroStrategy
Convert your Business Intelligence system from another technology platform to MicroStrategy.
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Cloud Intelligence
Prepare for, implement, and manage your use of MicroStrategy Cloud.

Upgrade Planning and Implementation
Whether you are looking to upgrade a single MicroStrategy environment, or are considering an enterprise wide upgrade program, MicroStrategy Services has an upgrade package that will work for you.


Business Intelligence Technology Management

Performance Optimization
Improve MicroStrategy response times by applying best practices and technology improvements for high performance.

Upgrades and Migrations
Change your Business Intelligence application from one version of MicroStrategy to another, or move your MicroStrategy application from one operating system to a different one.


Capacity Planning
Determine how your MicroStrategy platform and infrastructure should be configured to handle future Business Intelligence requirements.

Disaster Recovery
Develop a process to protect and regain access to your MicroStrategy data under multiple failure scenarios.


Business Intelligence Health Check
Make your Business Intelligence initiatives more effective by identifying potential business or technology roadblocks and recommending ways to overcome them.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
Handle MicroStrategy administration, incident management, and change management on your behalf.


Business Intelligence Data Management

Data Management Strategy
Determine your data requirements and define procedures to acquire and manage data assets.

Data Warehouse Architecture
Create a model for integrating different data sources into a single, comprehensive resource for MicroStrategy reporting and analysis.


Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)
Collect data from multiple sources, adapt it for your MicroStrategy application, and load it into a target system such as a data warehouse.


Business Intelligence Presentation and Delivery

Mobile Intelligence Services
Enable your Business Intelligence users to access meaningful and timely data anytime, anywhere, via mobile internet access.
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Mobile Transaction Services
Enable your users to initiate actions and transactions within their Business Intelligence applications.
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Dashboard Services
Provide access to key information from your Business Intelligence applications via user-centric, intuitive dashboards.

Report Services
Build, test, and deploy standard Business Intelligence reports – scheduled or on-demand – for key business processes.


Business Intelligence Advisory Services

Strategy and Planning

Business Intelligence Assessment and Roadmap
Develop a business-oriented strategic roadmap of Business Intelligence initiatives, tied to key organizational objectives and values.

Business Intelligence Center of Excellence (COE)
Create a Business Intelligence delivery model based on effectively deployed technology, organized and trained staff, and a defined set of processes.


Balanced Scorecard
Develop a Balanced Scorecard business model, best practice key performance indicators (KPIs), and strategy maps along with change leadership.

Advanced Analytics
Provide ways to predict and simulate business events based on insights derived from your Business Intelligence systems using advanced analytics.


Marketing and Sales

Product Insight
Understand product performance across channels, brokers, distribution, and sales, including how your customers combine products at the point of purchase (market basket analysis).

Customer Insight
Improve your ability to target groups of customers for promotions and other activity.


Financial Services Solutions

Credit Risk Management
Use Business Intelligence to manage the credit lifecycle of bank loan products more effectively, within the context of a wider enterprise risk management strategy.
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Underwriting Analytics
Improve insurers' ability to select underwriting risks through real time and predictive analytics.


Claims Optimization and Mobilization
Anticipate mass insurance claims needs through predictive analysis of claims patterns.
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Retail Solutions

Retail Loss Prevention
Support loss issue prediction, detection, case management, and trend analysis.

Retail Vendor Portal
Enable effective supply chain data collaboration and decision execution between retailers and merchandise vendors.
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Health Care Solutions

Revenue Cycle Intelligence
Monitor and manage hospital billing, cash, remittance data, and forecast financial performance as well as identify revenue leakage in billing, claim denials, appeals, and cash flow.

Care Management
Understand member health status based on data from health care encounters across the spectrum of care.
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Education Solutions

Adoption Management
Design a program of training, change management, and follow-up that influences people to use Business Intelligence in their day-to-day work.

Training Program Management
Design and carry out a comprehensive Business Intelligence training program tailored to your staff development needs.
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MicroStrategy Professional Services Global Delivery

For more than 15 years, MicroStrategy Consulting Services has developed, applied, and refined methods for delivering leading-edge technology solutions to our customers. Our Global Delivery Center is staffed with fully certified and experienced BI engineers to meet all of your business intelligence requirements.

Our expertise has been built from thousands of hours of field experience developing solutions for thousands of the most respected companies in the world. The knowledge gained from our field experience is an invaluable resource that enables us to recommend and implement the technology solutions that address your unique business challenges.

MicroStrategy Engagement Method

IDENTIFY Document business needs, define conceptual solution, and establish scope
PLAN Map out engagement and approach, define requirements, and plan deployment
DESIGN Design solution (including storyboards), architecture, and data access based on business requirements
DEVELOP Develop solution, conduct testing, and create training courses and materials
DEPLOY Optimize performance, deploy solution, communicate changes, and train users
SUSTAIN Review lessons learned, hand off documents and knowledge, and execute BI processes

MicroStrategy has a delivery method, or repeatable way to approach business challenges, that brings structure and consistency to the service you receive. The method consists of six sequential phases based on classical management theory (plan - do - check - act). These phases are described at right.

A monitor and control process runs through all these stages to support timeliness and the meeting of deadlines. A MicroStrategy professional owns this process, which includes change management, risk monitoring, communication of project status, and notification of potential issues.

As much as we've used and refined this model, there are some engagements where it isn't the best fit. Rapid application development projects tend to fall in this category, for example. In those cases, our services engineering and quality assurance teams tailor the method for the most effective outcome.

Delivery Model

MicroStrategy's Global Delivery Model enables on-site and off-site resources to work efficiently together for your benefit. Since 1991, this model has proven to deliver value faster than a local- or remote-only team. It brings specialized resources to your project, at the right time, wherever you may need them. A lead consultant, serving as your single point of contact, manages a project management office supported by advisory, technical, and education experts.

Global Delivery Center

MicroStrategy's Global Delivery Center (GDC) is key to the Global Delivery Model. Located in Warsaw, Poland, the GDC is a hub of several hundred consultants who support BI projects at customer sites around the world. With functional and business management practices, the appropriate experts can roll on and off a project as needed. The GDC can quickly scale up or down to meet your unique technical and industry requirements. Integrating the GDC with on-site project resources is a flexible and cost-efficient way to receive highly specialized services.

We are committed to providing the best resources to meet your BI objectives.

  • Global business culture
  • All major language proficiencies
  • Central location for supporting project teams worldwide
  • Real-time coordination for efficient delivery of your BI applications
  • Scalable to meet your requirements

Business Intelligence Services

From strategy through execution, MicroStrategy Services professionals help you get the most from your MicroStrategy enabled solutions. We have developed, applied and refined methods for delivering leading-edge technology solutions. Working alongside product engineers, the team has the deepest and broadest MicroStrategy knowledge in the industry. We are committed to the success of your MicroStrategy implementations.

  • The largest staff of MicroStrategy Certified Engineers
  • Dedicated to Business Intelligence implementation
  • Over 2,000 projects completed per year
  • Over 1,000 unique customers served per year
  • Offices across North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia

"We were impressed with the breadth and understanding of MicroStrategy's consultants, the company's vision and its ability to deliver complex analysis intuitively. MicroStrategy's platform offering is simply unrivaled in the BI industry."

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