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Enterprise-grade security
for every business.

That's the power of MicroStrategy Usher.

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Stop making security tradeoffs.
Give your employees security that is easy to use.


Usher is an enterprise-grade mobile identity platform designed to provide security for every business process and application across an enterprise. It replaces traditional forms of enterprise identity such as IDs, passwords, and tokens, with mobile identity badges securely delivered on a smartphone.

Your security deserves a complete platform.

Usher includes four primary components to deliver the most industrial strength identity and authentication platform on the market.

Mobile App, Network Manager, Usher Analytics, Usher Server.

Mobile App

Places powerful identity authentication and physical security onto
personal devices for the ultimate in user convenience.

Your identity, on the device you carry with you 24/7.

Consolidate traditional IDs, passwords, and tokens into one biometrically secured badge on your smartphone, tablet, or Apple Watch.

Because Usher badges are digital, they can be instantly issued, revoked, and updated onto new devices in the event you lose your phone. Administrators can also help recover your lost phone with global real-time visibility into every interaction, including the time, location, and the systems or doorways accessed. See how Usher on the Apple Watch increases convenience and security for you and your enterprise.

Securely deliver your identity with a tap.


Usher never presents identity information directly from a smartphone, but rather uses encrypted back-end channels, so identity information cannot be intercepted or copied in transit.

Usher badge

The badge is the center of the Usher user experience. Badges are uniquely branded for a given organization and present publicly viewable information like name, title, and a photo.

Usher codes— human-readable time codes of 4 to 8 digits that expire every 60 seconds.

Usher stamps— machine-readable, dynamic QR codes for scanning that expire every 60 seconds.

Bluetooth discovery panel

The Bluetooth panel allows you to easily find nearby users in your network and quickly add their contact information to your address book for future contact.

Key panel

With the key panel, users can arrange their most used digital keys into a personal directory. This enables one-tap to unlock doors, elevators, and gateways. Virtually any entryway that is controlled by a Physical Access Control System can be opened by Usher keys.

Sight code panel

The sight codes are animated time-limited fractal images that are impossible to counterfeit. Each network will have the same sight code, allowing instant visual indication that people are members of the same group or have the same credential.

Validation panel

The validation panel includes a built-in QR code scanner and an Usher code keypad.

The QR code scanner lets users verify identities, unlock doors, and log in to applications quickly, while the code keypad allows users to complete the same tasks where QR codes are not available.

Identity security as unique as you.


Three factors of authentication ensuring that only the rightful owner of a phone can use it.

Something you are

Touch ID fingerprint verification ensures that only the user who owns the phone can access an Usher badge.

Something you have

PKI certificates tied to each phone ensure that only personally verified smartphones can send and request a user’s Usher identity. 

Something you know

A phone passcode ensures that only the user who owns the phone can use Usher on that phone. 

Set up your secure network today.

Network Manager

The powerful administrative console allows enterprises to manage their network of badges, keys, and access to Usher-enabled systems.

Deploy hundreds of badges in a matter of minutes.


Usher connects to Active Directory and Open LDAP IDMs, allowing you to quickly and easily create and send badges to your entire network.

Customize your security with ease.


Because accessing the front door of your building is a lot different than accessing a parking garage or even a workstation. Network Manager enables you to easily set the security level of every access point.


Only access within
a specific range.


Only access within
a specific timeframe.


Require touchID
before granting access.

Dual authorization

Set access for two
or more parties.

Usher Analytics

Analyze and visualize your network of Usher users, gaining insights into your enterprise security.

Smarter security.


With over 25 years of analytics experience, we know how to get answers and value out of your data. Usher Analytics provides powerful visual insights into your security network to empower information-driven decisions.

Gain insights that will unlock the possibilities of your enterprise security system.

Capture identity activity

Each activity is captured in the Usher Analytics database, including user identity, location, and activity time. This data provides enterprise-wide visibility for managers, simplified resource control for administrators, and analysis-driven security for the enterprise.

Real-time and past time

Continually stream identity activity, providing your enterprises with near real-time statuses of users. All activity is archived, enabling after-action review of what happened days, months, or years ago.

Location monitoring

Configure Usher Intelligence to record major user location changes. This allows for persistent visibility into a distributed workforce’s activity, even when members of that workforce are not actively using Usher.

Alerts and analytics

Usher Analytics is built on the enterprise-ready MicroStrategy Analytics Platform. This means it can provide proactive alerts when abnormal activity is detected or when thresholds are exceeded, and can deliver a full spectrum of analyses, from simple time analysis to sophisticated correlations and data mining.

Usher Server

A high-performance, highly scalable, highly secure server system that synchronizes identities with enterprise IDM systems of record, and presents those identities to Usher clients.

Provides IDs to Usher clients.


The Usher Server securely relays IDs to mobile devices, applications, and entryways upon request. It uses encrypted connections to ensure that only registered Usher clients can receive IDs or request them to be sent.

Scalable platforms.

Usher’s server architecture is designed to scale horizontally. As more users are added, additional clustered servers can spread the load and achieve near linear scalability. No matter how many users an enterprise adds, Usher can scale accordingly, without sacrificing response time.

Secure deployment.

All ID requests between clients travel through the Usher Server via encrypted, out-of-band channels. MicroStrategy offers Usher as a hosted service delivered from its high-security data centers, or if the customer prefers, as software that can be deployed on-premises in the customer’s data centers.

Adding peace of mind for lost phones.


It’s true that all iOS and Android smartphones have built in security measures, passcodes, and remote wiping capabilities, but Usher takes it a step further.

Remove a user from the Usher system.

In case of a lost or stolen phone, network administrators have the ability to remove a user from the Usher system, thereby preventing unauthorized usage of the Usher badge.

AES-128 GCM encryption.

No personal data is stored by Usher on the phone itself. But if the passcode has been breached and the user has not wiped the phone or disabled Usher, then all operational data is still encrypted to prevent anyone from using it to counterfeit an Usher identity on other systems. All data in transit is also encrypted using PKI technology.

Connect out-of-the-box to these cyber and physical access systems.


Usher leverages BYOD practices with popular cyber and physical access systems to limit startup costs and time to deploy.

Physical Access Control Systems


Web and cloud applications

Experience mobile security today.

Set up your network now in a matter of minutes.