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Mobile App Platform

What happens when your people have 24 x 7 access to all of your systems and information?

How about amazing increases in productivity and a competitive edge for starters.

And, with our solution you get great mobile apps in 1/10th the time and at a fraction of the cost. It’s the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to mobilize practically all of your information systems, including data warehouses, BI, ERP, CRM, web applications and more, currently trapped on the desktop. Transform your entire workforce into a connected and highly productive mobile workforce with mobile apps that are infinitely better than their web counterparts. With access on mobile devices to critical corporate data and systems that drive your business, your people literally have their offices in their hands 24 x 7.


Discover revolutionary mobile apps built by amazing organizations.

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Build custom apps—code-free—that enhance your business.

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Deploy mobile solutions for any industry or any business role.

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MicroStrategy Mobile rated #1 overall for the 3rd year in a row.

Dresner Advisory Services 2013 Mobile Computing / Mobile BI Market Study.

In their own words.

An enterprise-class mobile app platform.

Analytics. Transactions. Multimedia. Collaboration. And, yes, a whole lot more.

Our code-free platform enables organizations to assemble a wide variety of essential mobile apps that deliver analytics, transactions, and multimedia content. Leverage military grade security, internationalization, in-app collaboration, monitoring, and alerting capabilities in your enterprise apps. When mobile needs evolve, build and push out app changes without any recompilation or coding. Learn more about the platform capabilities »

"The solution to all of your problems."

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Apps for retail.

Apps so revolutionary that every retailer will empower every employee with a mobile device or risk losing sales to their competition.

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Apps for financial services and insurance.

FSI companies use MicroStrategy apps to grow revenue, reduce costs, and grow market share with improved customer experience.

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Apps for healthcare and life sciences.

Apps revolutionizing the way life sciences companies, health care providers and patients engage.

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Apps for the public sector.

Leverage MicroStrategy Mobile to change the way you engage with your citizens.

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Mobile communications icon

Apps for communications and media.

Apps that help communications and media companies thrive amidst industry chaos.

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Apps for travel and transportation.

Apps so revolutionary that every travel, transport and logistics company will empower every employee with a mobile device or risk going out of business.

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Apps for hospitality and gaming.

Apps that change the game for hospitality and gaming companies.

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Apps for energy and utilities.

Use our apps to improve and accelerate decision making and to increase workforce and asset productivity.

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Apps for executives.

Put the power to control the business in the hands of the people with the power.

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Apps for operations.

Apps that allow you to keep business running smoothly…anytime, anywhere.

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Apps for sales and field enablement.

Increase the effectiveness and productivity of your sales team 10x.

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Apps for finance professionals.

Instant access to real-time financial performance information you can take action on… anytime, anywhere.

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Apps for human resources professionals.

Apps for every employee that mobilize everyday processes, remove costly bottlenecks, and accelerate the business.

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Apps for field service management.

Apps that keep your technicians connected and your customers satisfied.

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