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MicroStrategy helps business people make faster, better business decisions, empowering them with self-service tools to explore data and share insights in minutes. Simple drag-and-drop tools are paired with intuitive visualizations. Quick connections to any data source are combined with one-click sharing of any insight. And underlying it all is the security and governance of an enterprise-caliber BI solution. Can the one-dimensional data discovery vendors say the same?

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Go beyond the grid.

Explore your data with stunning visualizations and pixel-perfect dashboards.

Brilliant visualizations.

Effortlessly discover patterns, trends, and relationships hidden in your raw data with a suite of intuitive and interactive data discovery tools. Stop looking at grids and start visualizing your data.

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Effortless dashboards.

Building stunning, self-service dashboards has never been faster or easier. Easily turn visualizations into a production-ready dashboard without the need to start from a blank canvas. Customize your content using pixel-perfect formatting to produce professional looking documents, from customer invoices and account statements to business reports and corporate forms.

Click to analyze your data.
With no data modeling.

Analyze any data, no matter where it is stored, with no need for complex scripting, modeling or SQL code. Access personal spreadsheets; multidimensional, relational, and columnar databases; popular cloud-based systems like Salesforce, Netsuite, Eloqua, and Zendesk; and even the most massive Big Data systems like Hadoop.

Combine data from any source.

Data blending capabilities enable any business user to combine data from multiple sources on-the-fly. Grab data from your sales system to check out the latest trend: blend in sales rep compensation from a spreadsheet to figure out which rep produces the most per dollar of expense; or blend in data from the US Census Bureau to see how customer demographics are affecting sales. It all happens with just a click. There’s no IT needed – so creating analytics against multiple data sources is up to 100x faster for a typical user.

Powerful map analytics.

Got geographic data? A great map visualization always sharpens your perspective. MicroStrategy gives you out-of-the-box mapping, so every user can visualize their data with crystal-clear geographic insight.

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Now you can easily create insightful, beautiful, effortless analytics on your computer.

NEWAnalytics Desktop.

Empower yourself to make better decisions with visual data discovery. Quickly and easily explore data through powerful visualizations and analyses.

MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop is designed for business users and enables data exploration with simple drag-and-drop actions. Create dashboards in minutes and get the answers you need without expert assistance from IT. Slice and dice your data to make the decisions you need, quicker than ever before. Sharing your insights with others in your organization has never been easier.

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Always ready for the enterprise.

No compromises. No dead ends.

Business users are seeking self-service data discovery tools that help them analyze information on their own. Unfortunately, stand-alone visual data discovery tools are not designed to scale gracefully, do not guarantee data governance, and lack enterprise features including production reporting, security and access controls, and native mobile app support. That is why most implementations of stand-alone self-service tools remain limited to teams or departments and are employed for ad hoc analysis rather than operational applications, which ultimately leads to dead ends. Gartner predicts that, “By 2015, enterprise buyers of BI platforms will predominantly purchase platforms that support both strong and broad business-user-accessible data discovery capabilities and IT-driven enterprise features for data reuse, governance, security and scalability.”

Unlike other BI vendors, MicroStrategy empowers business users with fully governed data discovery so that there is no need to compromise between self-service and governance. MicroStrategy provides trusted, governed data discovery within a comprehensive enterprise BI platform, combining self-service productivity with the security, scalability, and governance of an enterprise-caliber business intelligence solution.

Agility and

MicroStrategy gives end users the self-service, ease of use, and flexibility they want, while giving IT organizations the security controls and governance mechanisms necessary to protect the data and ensure users can trust the results.

Single version
of the truth.

Standalone data discovery tools tend to be unsuitable for critical, system-of-record applications. This is because data storage is often local for each client, so there is no single version of the truth across multi-user environments. MicroStrategy ensures a single version of the truth across every report, dashboard and user within the system through a centralized metadata.


Companies trust MicroStrategy because we offer multiple layers of security throughout the entire BI system, including different user authentication mechanisms, object-level security, data personalization, security filters, user privileges and a centralized administration environment that delivers the most granular level of access control.

data modeling.

MicroStrategy gives users a powerful option – to model their data, or not to model. For self-service situations where speed and flexibility are critical, we enable users to directly access their data and bypass our modeling layer. But modeling always remains an option where object reusability and requirements for a single version of the truth are paramount. It’s a best-of-both-worlds approach that bridges the gap between self-service and traditional enterprise BI.

What customers have to say.

The top-rated platform for business intelligence.

MicroStrategy rated highly vs. other BI platforms in the 2013 BIScorecard report

Source: BI Scorecard® Strategic and Product Summary

"MicroStrategy has one of the most integrated BI platforms and has continuously expanded its BI capabilities through innovation versus acquisition. ... Of all the BI vendors, MicroStrategy has been most aggressive in its evangelization of mobile BI both in its messaging and product innovation."

– Cindi Howson, BI Scorecard® Strategic and Product Summary

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"Through MicroStrategy, we have reduced [dashboard creation time] 20 fold."

– Jeremy Hadley Sr., Sr. Manager BI and Data Management

Realizing the need for an all-encompassing BI platform, Adobe looked to MicroStrategy to empower their business with best-in-class analytics. See how MicroStrategy helped Adobe optimize their reporting environment, as well as accelerate dashboard creation by 20x in this short customer testimonial video.

American University

"MicroStrategy has been by far the best experience."

– Kamalika Sandell, Associate CIO

Discover how American University incorporates BI and data analytics into their business school curriculum, as well as how they're preparing their students for the business world using powerful self-service analytics by MicroStrategy.


"[MicroStrategy Self-Service] allows us to adapt to [business] needs and be able to make changes much quicker."

– Brian Sullivan, Director Data Science & Engineering

Recognizing the need for end user-driven analytics, Netflix set out to find a vendor that could enhance their self-service dashboard capabilities. See how in just a short time with MicroStrategy, Netflix has already shortened dashboard development time and added more flexible, dynamic analytics with minimal training required.


"MicroStrategy is intuitive, fast, and immediately displays the information you need."

– Francis Martin, SWIFT

Swift, a global provider of secure financial messaging services, chose MicroStrategy self-service analytics for its interactive interface and lack of dependency on IT for dashboard development. Watch the short video to find out more.

Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs

"We choose MicroStrategy for the user friendliness [and] available functionality."

– Dr. Elmar F. Benelli, Head DWH Unemployment Statistics

Learn how the Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs relies on MicroStrategy to provide 900 users with the powerful analytics needed to make informed business decisions. See how MicroStrategy's self-service capabilities are the perfect solution for the Swiss government's decision makers.

Wells Fargo

"I strongly recommend using the right tool[...] we used MicroStrategy."

– Harnalli DeepaSwamy, AVP, Enterprise Data and Analytics

In today's fast-paced world, companies of all sizes need to optimize the process in which employees interpret data. Find out how Wells Fargo, one of the country's oldest are largest banks, is streamlining the process by empowering their business users with self-service BI.

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