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MicroStrategy Cloud brings together world class enterprise BI, analytical database, and data integration capabilities in one integrated service. It’s the full breadth of the MicroStrategy BI platform's capabilities,  on-demand and optimized for the most demanding enterprise applications.

Ready in
48 hours.

We’ll deliver your MicroStrategy Cloud environment in just 48 hours, enabling you to immediately access a world-class platform that features the industry’s most advanced hardware and software, pre-integrated and pre-optimized for high performance and availability.

Spend less,
get more.

MicroStrategy Cloud delivers powerful savings with zero capital expenditure on infrastructure, making BI more cost-effective than ever before. With MicroStrategy Cloud, there is no software or hardware to maintain, no costly set-up or configuration, and no facilities to manage. Our team of experts manages every customer environment at optimal efficiency, saving valuable time and resources.

Start small and grow.

MicroStrategy Cloud makes it easy to start quickly and grow over time. Whether you have tens of users or tens of thousands, we’ll be there making sure you have the performance you need. You only pay for what you use. And of course, at any time you can migrate to MicroStrategy software running in-house. We make it easy.

Our cloud + free custom mobile app =
Speed to value.

IT loves our cloud because
it’s hassle-free.

So you can focus on other things.

More analytics, faster.

MicroStrategy Cloud helps IT do more with less. It eliminates inefficient and risky processes related to planning, architecting, sourcing, contracting, budgeting, hiring, training, installing, testing, deploying, and more.

Our friendly, expert team becomes an extension of your IT organization so you can leverage our decades of experience in business intelligence and data warehousing, designing, managing, and operating some of the largest and most complex BI environments in the world.


Tightly integrated and highly optimized.

MicroStrategy Cloud is purpose-built to handle the demands of enterprise analytics, leveraging hundreds of terabytes of data and scaling to hundreds of thousands of users.

It’s a tightly integrated, highly optimized environment that leverages the latest hardware and software from best-of-breed vendors. It combines the latest in-memory technology with massively parallel, high memory database architecture for max performance. With 100x the capacity of a typical on-premises BI environment, MicroStrategy Cloud scales dynamically in response to demand for your BI applications, from tens of users to tens of thousands.

and secure.

Security baked in. Not bolted on.

MicroStrategy Cloud services are designed to deliver the highest available levels of security and operational control. The MicroStrategy Cloud architecture leverages secure, virtualized BI environments, data encryption, hardened network infrastructure including secure customer VLANs, and multilayer authentication and access control to secure customer information. Operational processes are managed via an adaptive control framework that maps to various industry standards. Physical hardware environments are maintained in secure, SAS-70 compliant cloud-based facilities with layered physical security and multi-factor access control.

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Rock-solid reliability. For a better night's sleep.

MicroStrategy Cloud's world class infrastructure is continuously monitored and optimized by an elite team of performance specialists. Our 24/7 network operations centers protect the performance and integrity of your applications so you can sleep easy. We configure and maintain the service, so you don't need to worry about provisioning hardware, tuning the architecture, or upgrading software.

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rock solid reliability

Our cloud + free custom mobile app =
Reduced risk.

Customer stories,
right from the source.

Welcome to the cloud. You're in good company.

A rapidly growing ecosystem.

Exponential growth in customers over time

From SMBs to the global 1000.

Cloud caters to a wide range of organization sizes

Spanning all industries.

cloud is used comparably across many different industries

Featured customers.

DeRoyal Industries

"Before adopting MicroStrategy Cloud, we had more questions than answers. Our analytics were based on anecdotal evidence, so it was hard to take action on our information. We were always afraid it was not completely accurate."

– Angie Sewell, Vice President of Information Technology

DeRoyal was able to transform their business operations in a few short weeks with MicroStrategy Cloud. Rather than investing in IT and infrastructure, DeRoyal uses MicroStrategy Cloud for business intelligence, data integration and its data warehouse. They used the time and money they saved to focus on building new analytics applications to create even more business efficiency.

Four Seasons Hotel, Inc.

"Our General Managers will now have the analytics they need to serve our guests better, and operate their hotel more efficiently, anytime, anywhere on their iPad devices. MicroStrategy Cloud will allow us to build these applications much quicker than before and without expensive upfront capital investments in technology."

– Marco Trecroce, Chief Information Officer

Four Seasons was looking for a way to build business intelligence globally and pursue competitive advantages on a timely basis with manageable TCO. They chose MicroStrategy Cloud as a way to capture the world-class functionality in mobile and potential to create something innovative without having to build and operate an infrastructure and platform. Recognizing MicroStrategy as a partner going into the future, Four Seasons is well underway to adding considerable value from its BI moving forward.


"MicroStrategy Cloud really stood out… It had all the capabilities we were looking for."

– Phil O'Neill, Head of Analytics

Tapjoy, a San Francisco-based startup that delivers in-game advertising, uses MicroStrategy to deliver a customer-facing analytics portal. Advertisers use this functionality to analyze the behavior of the more than 77 million users and 500 million devices that are active on the company's network. Tapjoy successfully integrated MicroStrategy Cloud with Amazon Web Services and Vertica to develop a powerful application within weeks and without diverting precious capital to acquire hardware, software and enterprise IT staff.

Our cloud + free custom mobile app =
Business agility.

Experience rock-solid BI on
Amazon Web Services.

AWS allows you to instantly start analyzing with little upfront investment.

Enterprise grade business intelligence on Amazon Web Services.

MicroStrategy Analytics Enterprise is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) through the AWS Marketplace. This allows you to engage with the industry's best business intelligence software on-demand without having to host or maintain anything on-site. Best of all, there is no long term commitment. Take advantage of AWS’s subscription based pricing so you only pay for what you use. No Risk.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services provides a complete set of cloud computing services that enables organizations build scalable applications according to their needs. Specific services include: computing, networking, storage and content delivery, databases, deployment, management, and application services.

Start using MicroStrategy on Amazon Web Services.

Ready to begin? Customize your MicroStrategy AWS instance today.

What you get.

Full MicroStrategy Analytics Enterprise.

SQL Server Standard.

Visual Insight.

Web and Mobile.

Complimentary on-boarding session.

And more!

Use our selection guide to help customize your instance.

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AWS getting started videos.

Watch these tutorials to help set up and use your MicroStrategy AWS instance.

For more information on setting up MicroStrategy on AWS download the user guide (PDF | 525kb)

Your data. Our cloud.

Speed to value. Business agility. Reduced risk. Turnkey platform. We could go on.

Try MicroStrategy Cloud free with a custom mobile app in just 10 days. Period.

View in-store inventory shelf by shelf in real time. Track sales, inventory, and reporting in your retail stores. Visualize your entire supply chain from your smartphone. Do this and much more while you scale your IT needs to the growth of your business rather than play a guessing game.

MicroStrategy Cloud got to be the largest cloud BI offering in the marketplace by making solutions to your business problems fast and affordable. Lower your risk with a secure, turnkey platform flexible enough to integrate with any current infrastructure.

Take the opportunity to try out MicroStrategy Cloud with a mobile app customized and developed by our expert team in just 10 days. No surprises, just the best cloud BI platform in the business and we look forward to showing you what’s possible in not months, nor weeks, but days.

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