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The best business decisions are driven by data. World class organizations operationalize business intelligence and embed analytics in their DNA. MicroStrategy supports a full range of analytic functionality, from stunning business dashboards to sophisticated statistical analysis and data mining. Our platform gives you the flexibility to start small and seamlessly scale to an enterprise deployment.

It’s the comprehensive alternative to the confusing jumble of point solutions.

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Information Driven App for Wealth Managers

The next generation of information-driven apps.

BI has evolved. Today’s users demand an increasingly interactive and responsive experience from their analytics solution. Isn’t it time your business moved beyond traditional reporting?

Introducing information-driven apps by MicroStrategy

  • Guided exploration around a business workflow—analysis and action.
  • Immersive experience without ever leaving the app.
  • Personalized to thousands of users across the web, email or mobile.
  • Information rich—enterprise, personal, social and multimedia data.
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Real-time operational dashboards.

Data can be an incredibly powerful resource for businesses, but only if it can be acted upon quickly. Information like website trends and click-through, throughput in manufacturing lines, or bottlenecks in store operations are issues that demand immediate attention and resolution. Organizations that can spot and react to these fast-moving trends–and whose analytic cycles are measured in minutes vs. hours–gain a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.

MicroStrategy is the only platform that combines the analytics and interactivity of information-driven apps with the immediacy of real-time operational dashboards, ensuring that decision-makers can spot, analyze, and react to quickly changing trends and outliers.

  • React to emerging trends and resolve issues as they occur.
  • Take action directly from your dashboard.
  • Get realtime feedback on your decisions.
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Easily publish reports and statements to thousands of users.

Traditional branded reporting remains the most common way that businesses distribute and analyze data. Yet many BI point solutions lack this critical feature. MicroStrategy includes the world’s best enterprise reporting, so you can securely deliver pixel-perfect, boardroom quality reports and statements to any number of internal users, partners, or customers.

  • Schedule automated document distribution, to hundreds of thousands of recipients.
  • Subscribe to reports so that you always have the most up to date information.
  • Personalize your reports so that every user only gets data relevant to their job or function.

Mobilize analytics to reach every employee and customer.

Business decisions are made on the go—in executive boardrooms and face to face with clients. The smartphone and tablet revolution allow you to inject intelligence at the point of decision making.

Don’t short change your users with a clumsy web experience ported to mobile. MicroStrategy is the world’s best native, touch optimized mobile BI—rated #1 by analysts and consumers.

See what MicroStrategy Mobile can do for your business.

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ipad with the wealth management dashboard

The five mobile must haves.

No signal? No worries.

Unfortunately you can't always have a great internet connection. But with MicroStrategy, there's no need to fear. You'll always have your reports and dashboards available in your mobile device.

Security you can trust.

Mobile apps pose unique security challenges. Make sure you're fully protected from the inside out. MicroStrategy employs multi-layered, cutting edge security technology to ensure your data is locked down, even if you are on the move.

Touch, tap, swipe, scroll.

Is your mobile app native, or does it look and act like it was built for a web browser? Make sure you are taking full advantage of the mobile experience, including access to GPS, camera, and more.

Information-driven transactional apps.

Take action from anywhere on the planet with mobile transactions. Post content, upload photos, add comments and ratings, and much more. Multimedia support lets you mobilize your most important video and documents and access them anywhere at anytime.

Deliver essential data to iOS devices overnight.

Got lots of data and content? Automatically download it at night while you're sleeping, for great performance when you're awake.

Simply put, the most comprehensive business intelligence solution.

Flexible. Scalable. Easy to maintain.

The most comprehensive business intelligence platform in the industry.

MicroStrategy is the world’s most comprehensive and trusted BI platform, designed from the ground up and proven to support the most demanding analytics applications. Our unified, organically developed, architecture is built on the core of a single foundational metadata—ensuring trust across any style of analytics and easy scalability as your business grows.

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Industrial-strength. Any style of analytics at any scale.

MicroStrategy analytics platform diagram

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Build once, deploy anywhere.

Business users consume data in many different ways—web portals, mobile devices, emails, and documents. MicroStrategy effortlessly supports the distribution and consumption of analytics across all major media. Any report or dashboard can instantly be viewed anywhere, with no loss of formatting or functionality.

High performance in-memory business intelligence.

Over 2,000 organizations use MicroStrategy’s in-memory engine to achieve sub second response times for any query on massive data stores. MicroStrategy’s unique 3rd generation in-memory engine is built on commodity hardware, but delivers the performance of expensive, proprietary in-memory database appliances. With features like intelligent data allocation and parallel scaling, in-memory performance has never been faster, easier, or more cost effective.

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Industrial-strength. Trusted by customers whose business is data.

MicroStrategy analytics platform provdes the highest user scale, highest performance, and highest data scale

Our customers run the largest BI applications in the world, and they do it with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

With world-class development and administrative tools, a highly reusable object library, and an intuitive design interface, MicroStrategy makes analytical applications easy to build, quick to deploy, and effortless to maintain. The MicroStrategy platform has been built from the ground up with no single points of failure for rock-solid reliability in the most mission-critical environments.

Trusted data

Universal governance. Data you can trust.

As both self-service and production analytical applications continue to proliferate, building trust around your data can be a nightmare. MicroStrategy’s unique single metadata for all styles of BI makes governance easy and efficient.

Our powerful auditing and tracking tools tell you when, why, and how your environment is being used. Data watermarking allows users to see at a glance what is trusted and what is not. IT and business users can easily collaborate to develop analytical solutions with the flexibility of self-service and the trusted reliability of production BI.

Kudos from our customers.

Millions of users. Thousands of organizations. Hundreds of apps.

How to recognize a MicroStrategy customer.

MicroStrategy customers are operationalizing analytics, rolling out cutting-edge mobile apps, and beating their competition by achieving data-driven business insights faster. MicroStrategy has over 4,000 customers in over 100 countries globally. Our customers range from Fortune Global 500 giants like Chevron and Carrefour to cutting edge technology companies like eBay and LinkedIn.

According to a leading independent survey* of over 5000 BI customers, MicroStrategy handily beat the leading stack vendors in a variety of key areas.

7x Faster

in query performance


median customer data volume

60% Higher

technical support ratings

3x Better

mobile capabilities

*BARC’S BI SURVEY 12. Comparisons to average rating of BI stack vendors, including Oracle, SAP, IBM, and Microsoft.

McCain Foods

"We had to find a tool that was robust enough to allow us to do anything."

– Roman Coba, Global CIO

McCain Foods is the world's largest producer of French fries and other oven ready frozen foods. With over 19,000 employees on 6 continents, McCain Foods sells products in over 160 countries.

MicroStrategy is a key cog in McCain's "One McCain" business transformation project; supporting traditional reporting, ad-hoc analysis and deployment both on web and mobile. MicroStrategy enables every employee at McCain to speak the same business language, and make data informed decisions.

"EBay selected MicroStrategy because of its exceptional user scalability and its ability to support advanced reporting and analysis, MicroStrategy also provides excellent query performance with our rapidly growing multi-terabyte data warehouse."

– Brad Peterson, CIO


Founded in 1995, eBay has blossomed into one of the internet's most popular commerce sites. Over 27,000 employees worldwide support millions of auctions a year on

EBay uses MicroStrategy to power more than 50 key applications across the enterprise, ranging from sales to financials and customer analysis. Over 5,000 employees at eBay access over 100,000 reports a month using MicroStrategy. EBay achieves sub 3-second response times on multiple terabytes of data using MicroStrategy's in-memory engine.

"MicroStrategy... has enabled us to make improvements in areas including operational efficiency, financial performance, transportation logistics, and customer service."

– Robert Otto, CTO

United States Postal Service

The United States Postal Service delivers more mail to more addresses in a larger geographical area than any other post service in the world. The Postal Service delivers to more than 152 million homes and businesses processing over 160 billion items a year.

Over 36,000 USPS employees access 38 MicroStrategy applications and run 40,000 reports daily. In addition, over 80,000 Managers and Postmasters receive MicroStrategy reports via email. The USPS uses MicroStrategy to optimize and improve processes in Financials, Retail Sales and Operations and Human Resources.

Don’t take our word for it.

See what the analysts have to say.

The top-rated platform for business intelligence.

MicroStrategy rated highly vs. other BI platforms in the 2013 BIScorecard report

Source: BI Scorecard® Strategic and Product Summary

"MicroStrategy has one of the most integrated BI platforms and has continuously expanded its BI capabilities through innovation versus acquisition. ... Of all the BI vendors, MicroStrategy has been most aggressive in its evangelization of mobile BI both in its messaging and product innovation."

– Cindi Howson, BI Scorecard® Strategic and Product Summary

Analyst recognition.

Gartner logo

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms

MicroStrategy positioned in 'Leaders' quadrant of Gartner's 2014 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms Report. The evaluation is based on completeness of vision and ability to execute.

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BI survey 13 logo

Summary Results from The BI Survey 13

The BI Survey is the world's most comprehensive independent survey of the business intelligence (BI) market space and products and is conducted annually by the Business Application Research Center (BARC).

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BI scorecard logo

BI Scorecard® Strategic and Product Summary

The BI Scorecard® Strategic and Product Summary by Cindi Howson highlights strategic criteria to consider when evaluating Business Intelligence vendors, as well as strengths and weaknesses of major products. Scores and analyses are provided for leading platform vendors and select specialty vendors in the Business Intelligence market.

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