MicroStrategy 10.4 is here.

This latest update to the MicroStrategy 10™ platform delivers enhanced speed and ease of use, with new features spanning analytics, mobility, and security. Version 10.4 features faster performance and improved scalability to deliver an even better overall user experience.

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2X server cluster capacity.

MicroStrategy 10.4 unlocks even greater computing power for analytical applications, letting organizations expand the number of servers in a cluster to up to eight nodes—double the overall capacity of previous versions. MicroStrategy customers now have the freedom to consolidate multiple production environments or incrementally increase user capacity, while seeing faster performance.

4 5 6 7 8
Nodes per cluster

New Work Fencing capabilities.

Optimize the use of server resources, increase performance, and ensure the highest quality of service to everyone in your organization by dedicating computing power to support specific users, user groups, or tasks. Users will never have to experience slow response times, and you can ensure high-volume batch processing and scheduled tasks run without any delays.

Conditional formatting of attributes.

Enjoy enhanced formatting controls on your dashboards by taking advantage of new threshold-based highlighting on attribute elements and metrics values. You can now highlight entire rows or columns to be formatted based on threshold criteria, rather than just single cells—available for both native and 3rd-party visualizations.

Dynamic links to external content.

Tell better stories with your visualizations by linking cell-level information to external content using configurable, dynamic links. With this feature, users can directly access helpful information from within a MicroStrategy report—enabling report creators to provide context and related information to users.

New big data drivers.

Tap into big data like never before. Version 10.4 offers new drivers for latest big data sources, including:

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  • SparkSQL 1.6
  • MemSQL 4.x
  • SAP Hana 11
  • Hive
  • Presto
  • Microsoft Access Driver (Windows Desktop)

SparkSQL 1.6

MemSQL 4.x

SAP Hana 11



Microsoft Access Driver

Default home pages for every project.

Publish custom home pages for specific user groups for a more personalized and branded experience. Home pages on MicroStrategy Web can be designed to show any combination of banners, videos, thumbnails of popular reports, dashboards, and more.

Multi-layer mapping for iOS.

Mapping on the go? Layer multiple datasets on the same map for quick comparisons and easy visual analysis. Each layer can leverage different data visualizations including markers, bubbles, density maps, and more. Use the interactive filters to hide and display the desired layers.

Export to Excel.

Collaboration just got easier. Export reports directly from your iOS mobile device for further analysis in Excel. Easily share exported reports via email.

Fast, mobile access to the My Reports folder.

It’s now easier than ever to access personalized reports, documents, and dashboards on mobile devices. The My Reports folder, displayed on the toolbar in iOS devices, lets users quickly view reports within any number of projects.

Push notification alerts for Android.

Keep decision-makers in the loop by setting up custom alerts that trigger the delivery of push notifications to users on Android devices. Users can tap on the notifications to directly open relevant reports or documents.

AppConfig (formerly known as ACE) support for iOS.

In addition to integrations with AirWatch, MobileIron, and Good Dynamics, MicroStrategy now provides native integration to configure and secure apps on iOS, based on AppConfig guidelines.

The integration with AppConfig delivers more consistent, open, and simple ways to configure and secure mobile apps.

Never forget to lock your computer again.

Usher can now lock your computer as soon as you walk away from it, increasing both convenience and security. This new feature takes advantage of Bluetooth to detect when a paired iOS device with the Usher app leaves a set proximity from the workstation.

Zero-click access to web applications.

Performing multiple web app logins, even using SSO, can be a bear. Leave passwords, QR codes and even push notifications in the dust. Now, once you've logged into your workstation, Usher-enabled web applications will immediately authenticate you and give you back precious seconds of productivity.

Monitor your entire enterprise in real time.

Real-time security analytics are here, enabled by live processing of telemetry data using Kafka-based ETL. Try it out today with ready-to-use analytics reports so you can get ahead of security threats and make real-time data-driven decisions.

Release notes

Find the full release notes for MicroStrategy 10.4 here. See features in previous releases of MicroStrategy 10 below.


  • General workflow and stability enhancements.
  • Introduction of Presentation Mode for MicroStrategy Web.
  • Support Data Wrangling for databases to extend wrangling to all sources.
  • Run report from Server on MicroStrategy 10.1 Desktop.
  • Calendar selector enhancements.
  • Support Attribute Object Selector on Grid.


  • Customize your homepage like never before.
  • Quickly expand out-of-the-box visualization capabilities.
  • Faster collaboration.
  • Native mobile gestures with custom D3 visualizations.
  • Create and manage subscriptions on the go.
  • Optimized in-memory performance.


  • New custom visualization properties pane.
  • Drill to all levels of detail on a document while in Presentation Mode.
  • Overhaul of the MicroStrategy platform installation process.
  • ESRI maps supported in MicroStrategy Mobile on both iOS and Android devices.
  • New search-based input controls.
  • Easily cut, copy, paste, or duplicate entire panels within a document.

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