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MicroStrategy 10.3

MicroStrategy 10.3 brings enterprise data discovery to the next level with several enhancements to accelerate adoption and increase business value. Highlights include a community-driven visualization gallery, support for even more data sources, and streamlined express installation.

Leverage custom visualizations with ease.

Go beyond standard charts and graphs with easy access to custom D3 visualizations and Google Charts. In Version 10.3, business users can browse our visualzation gallery and instantly incorporate new visualizations into their dashboards.

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Give custom visualizations a personal touch.

MicroStrategy 10.3 introduces the custom visualization properties pane. This panel gives users an easy-to-use tool for formatting the color themes and graph properties of custom visualizations.

Combine dashboards into a single folder.

Tell more meaningful stories with data and collaborate faster by embedding new dashboards into existing applications. Save time and effort on dashboard creation and reuse existing content to rapidly develop new applications.

Interact more naturally with your data.

Version 10.3 delivers increased document design flexibility, so users can now easily drill to all levels of detail on a document while in Presentation Mode.

Deploy enterprise analytics faster.

Version 10.3 features a complete overhaul of the MicroStrategy platform installation process. By simplifying the installation process and reducing the number of configuration steps, MicroStrategy makes it easier than ever before for organizations to get up and running with powerful analytics, mobility, and security functionality.

Leverage ESRI maps across every interface.

ESRI maps are now supported in MicroStrategy Mobile on both iOS and Android devices. These map visualizations render seamlessly by using the built-in mapping functionality of the mobile device.

Customize the execution order of transactions.

Handle complex workflows and ensure data consistency by specifying the exact sequence of transaction executions.

Save time with new search-based input controls.

When filling out transactional forms, use keywords to quickly find and select desired inputs within long lists and dropdown menus.

Enhance your geospatial analysis with improved mapping.

Version 10.3 offers improved formatting capabilities, streamlined processes for adding custom shapes on ESRI maps, and the ability to show data labels or pie charts on top of cluster markers.

Build applications faster with reusable panel stacks.

With MicroStrategy Web 10.3, users can now easily cut, copy, paste, or duplicate entire panels within a document—significantly reducing development times.

Enhance your dashboards with images.

Add images by simply dragging and dropping them onto the dashboard canvas. Images are now packaged within dashboard files, so they will render regardless of internet connectivity.

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10.1 improvements

  • General workflow and stability enhancements.
  • Introduction of Presentation Mode for MicroStrategy Web.
  • Support Data Wrangling for databases to extend wrangling to all sources.
  • Run report from Server on MicroStrategy 10.1 Desktop.
  • Calendar selector enhancements.
  • Support Attribute Object Selector on Grid.
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10.2 improvements

  • Customize your homepage like never before.
  • Quickly expand out-of-the-box visualization capabilities.
  • Faster collaboration.
  • Native mobile gestures with custom D3 visualizations.
  • Create and manage subscriptions on the go.
  • Optimized in-memory performance.
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What’s New in
MicroStrategy 10.3

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