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There's a business app for that.
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Check inventory from the retail selling floor. Update opportunities in your CRM system while in customer meetings. Share information from your mobile app in any conference room. Revolutionize the way people work in your company by mobilizing processes and information.

Not sure where to start? Schedule your free, MicroStrategy Mobile QuickStrike to kickstart your mobile strategy. One of our Mobile Specialists will create a brilliant prototype app for you that guides users through your data to analysis, discovery, or decision.

From vision to delivery, it only takes a matter of days for us to build your mobile app for either the iPad, iPhone or Android. Designed to help you to share your success, each app is accompanied by two valuable extras: a detailed storyboard and a video demo to highlight features and demonstrate user workflow.

Companies in all major industries across the globe are revolutionizing their businesses with MicroStrategy Mobile apps. Nobody likes to be last.

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Quick, code-free development required.

1. Join the Mobile App Developers Academy.

Watch our on-demand video lessons covering everything from widget development to administrative tutorials.

2. Download the iBook.

Read our iBook, "The Platform Approach to Mobile Apps: The Secrets to Quickly Creating Business Apps Code-Free."

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In 70+ pages you can to learn how to rapidly design, develop, deploy, monitor and maintain code-free, native apps enterprise apps. Further, learn about companies who have successfully used MicroStrategy’s Mobile App Platform to change the way they work.

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3. Attend a free intro workshop.

Learn more about developing great apps at our free Intro to Mobile App Platform hands-on workshop.

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During this one day class you will learn how to build a fully-functional smartphone and tablet app in one day—without writing a single line of code! You will interact with your business information anytime, anywhere using compelling visualizations, leverage in-app transactions to move your users from insight to action and enhance your apps with multimedia, such as PDFs, images, and video.


8:30AM - 9:00AM

Pre-Class Check-In

9:00AM - 12:30PM

Morning Session: Mobile App Experience: Learn, Design, and Interact with your own Smartphone App

  • Introduction to the MicroStrategy Mobile App Platform

  • Learn about the Mobile App Platform architecture

  • Design a fully-functional mobile app on your smartphone from the ground up*

  • Interact with your data using gestures such as tapping, sliding, scanning, rotating, and more*

12:30PM - 1:30PM

Lunch Provided

1:30PM - 5:00PM

Afternoon Session: Mobile App Experience: Learn, Design, and Interact with your own Tablet App

  • Learn how industry leaders use the Mobile App Platform

  • Enhance insight by designing and using compelling data visualizations on your tablet*

  • Incorporate maps, calendars, transaction services, multimedia, and more*

*Includes coordinating hands-on exercise. All hands-on exercises performed on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android. iPads will be provided to attendees who do not have a mobile device.