Deploy mobile apps to your
enterprise in less than a week.

That's the power of MicroStrategy Mobile.

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Mobile apps powerful
and flexible enough for any job.


MicroStrategy Mobile is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to mobilize your existing information systems and web applications currently trapped on the desktop.

native apps.


Native apps work on or offline. Leverage all the power of the mobile device, and provide the best user experience.

Code-free development.


Our code-free design tools help make app development accessible to everyone.

performance and security.


Keep your apps running fast with performance designed for the enterprise with powerful, flexible security that can handle nearly any mobile app security requirement.

Mobile apps that change
the way people work.


With our solution you get great mobile apps in 1/10th the time and at a fraction of the cost. Transforming your entire organization into a connected and highly productive mobile workforce with mobile apps that are 10x more robust than their web counterparts. With MicroStrategy, your people are no longer tied to their desktop, mobile access to critical corporate data and systems means that they will have their offices in their hands 24/7.

Fully native apps provide best user experience
and work online or offline.


MicroStrategy has invested in creating the most secure, commercially available mobile app platform in the marketplace. For almost all mobile app security requirements, customers have everything they need within the MicroStrategy platform: encryption of data in transit and at rest, remote access revocation, support for certificate server, single sign-on, credential management, user-level security controls, and much more.

Our apps get results.



Dollars in incremental
revenue in the first 90 days.


Global leader in insurance brokering and risk management.


Time savings
for store managers.


Large global discount
supermarket chain.


Time savings
for reporting team.


Large European
healthcare system.


Increase in
sales rep. deal size.


Leading fortune 1000
software company.


Increase in
product sales.


Fortune 500
automotive retailer.


Increase in productivity of store field inspectors.


Large fast-casual
restaurant chain.

MicroStrategy Mobile rated #1 overall
for the 4th year in a row.

Dresner Advisory Services 2014 Mobile Computing / Mobile BI Market Study.

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The world's best businesses trust MicroStrategy.


“We decided we are not going to build any more applications for the desktop. We are going mobile.”

“[This app] has made it much easier for the sales force to do their job more effectively. MicroStrategy has definitely changed the way that we work.”

“This app has been very disruptive in a great way. It's changed not only the way that they access information, but the way they think about accessing information.”

Put the most powerful and secure mobile
platform to work for your business.

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