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Since 1989, organizations of all sizes have looked to MicroStrategy to provide best-in-class business intelligence. MicroStrategy is committed to building the industry’s best analytics, mobile, and security offerings. Hear how companies all across the globe are using MicroStrategy to change the way they do business.

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“I believe MicroStrategy has a more holistic vision for a business intelligence platform.”

“I was extremely astonished. We developed the IMT Incur Movement Track front-end tool in a remarkable five weeks.”

“I don't know any other retailer with an app that is as comprehensive and gives merchants the access to data at their fingertips.”

“We want to create a faster approach in actually delivering insights to our business partners.”

“This app paid itself off on the first day.”

“We really enjoy MicroStrategy's performance, scalability and the insights that it produces in such a short, timely manner.”

“If you look at where we rolled out MicroStrategy, there's a direct correlation from where we were before to higher profitability today.”

“We decided we are not going to build any more applications for the desktop. We are going mobile.”

“[This app] has made it much easier for the sales force to do their job more effectively. MicroStrategy has definitely changed the way that we work.”

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“MicroStrategy is intuitive, fast, and immediately displays the information you need.”

“MicroStrategy does not just provide a great technology, they are a great team that we consider a partner, not just a supplier.”

“We can say that MicroStrategy corporate dashboards have one single version of the truth in terms of business indicators.”

“MicroStrategy Cloud really stood out… It had all the capabilities we were looking for.”

“MicroStrategy has been by far the best experience.”

“We choose MicroStrategy for the user friendliness [and] available functionality.”

“MicroStrategy Cloud is an easy way to get the analytics that you need to make good important business decisions.”

“We had to find a tool that was robust enough to allow us to do anything.”

Why MicroStrategy. In their own words.

“Every day, our team leaders require updated sales and operations information for their stores. Our iPhone app, built on MicroStrategy Mobile, delivers that, and also empowers our team leaders to run their stores more effectively and provide superior customer service every step of the way.”

– Dave Zodikoff, Global IT Director, Purchasing and Reporting Systems at Whole Foods

“I strongly recommend using the right tool[...] we used MicroStrategy.”

– Harnalli DeepaSwamy, AVP-Technology Manager, Enterprise Data and Analytics of Wells Fargo

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“[MicroStrategy Self-Service] allows us to adapt to [business] needs and be able to make changes much quicker.”

– Brian Sullivan, Director of Data Science & Engineering at Netflix

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“Dashboarding typically took two weeks to roll anything out to the individual stakeholders. Through Visual Insight and MicroStrategy we have reduced that 20–fold.”

– Jeremy Hadley, Senior Manager of BI & Master Data Management at Adobe

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“We’ve seen a return on investment by implementing this mobile application. We have reduced our paper by 50% in terms of usage. In addition, when I would go to a board meeting, I would have two stacks of paper. Now everything is on my iPad, and I’m able to just hit a button and see performance at a glance.”

– Anella Campbell, VP of Concessions at DFW International Airport

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“MicroStrategy... has enabled us to make improvements in areas including operational efficiency, financial performance, transportation logistics, and customer service.”

– Robert Otto, CIO/CTO at USPS

“ebay selected MicroStrategy because of its exceptional user scalability and its ability to support advanced reporting and analysis, MicroStrategy also provides excellent query performance with our rapidly growing multi-terabyte data warehouse.”

– Brad Peterson, CIO at ebay

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