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MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop is a fast, user-friendly visual analytics tool. Designed for self-service, it empowers business people to analyze and understand data without specialized expertise.

With Analytics Desktop, it takes just minutes to create stunning, interactive data visualizations and data-driven stories that create new insight and new understanding.

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Fast and

  • Powerful visual analytics tool for effortless data discovery.
  • Download and keep. No license key required.
  • Installs in minutes.
  • Sample data and pre-built interactive dashboards included.
  • In-memory technology for speed-of-thought analysis.

More than
pretty pictures.

  • Easy access to spreadsheets and database systems.
  • No data modeling or complicated scripts.
  • Blend data from multiple sources on-the-fly.
  • Drag-and-drop to visualize data, slice-and-dice, on-the-fly calculations and more.
  • R integration for advanced and predictive analytics.
  • Export dashboards with one click and share your insights.

Support and community.







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Service type

On-premises Software-as-a-Service On-premises, or contact us about a free proof of concept available on our Platform-as-a-Service

Number of users

One Unlimited 10 Unlimited


Free email and phone support. Free access to online training, forum and knowledge base. Free email and phone support. Free access to online training, forum and knowledge base. Free e-mail support for 60 days. Free access to online training, forum, and knowledge base. Free e-mail support during trial. Free access to online training, forum, and knowledge base.

Data sources (hosted or on-premises)

Excel spreadsheets, CSV files


Relational databases


MapReduce databases


Columnar databases


Multi-dimensional databases


Salesforce schema


Salesforce reports


SaaS-based applications (e.g. Facebook, NetSuite, SugarCRM, Eloqua, and Zendesk)


Enterprise information integration (EII) or federated data sources


Operational databases, supporting ERP, CRM, SCM, and web applications


Dropbox, Google Drive connector


Analytics tools

Visual data discovery (Visual Insight™)


Visual query builder tool


Interactive dashboards


Pixel-perfect reports & dashboards


MicroStrategy Mobile access


MicroStrategy Mobile app development


Extensive dashboard widgets


Advanced analytics


Predictive analytics


R integration


Transaction Services (web & mobile)


MicroStrategy Developer


MicroStrategy SDK


Microsoft Office integration



Security, sharing, and administration

E-mail distribution


Export as spreadsheet, PDF, flash, and images


Secure user authentication


Single-sign-on option


Dashboard embedding for web pages and intranet


User & user group management


Row level security for data


Access control assignment on individual dashboards


Data filtering based on user


Scheduled distribution


Distribution to servers


Event triggered report distributions and alerts


Integrated metadata layer and architecture


Enterprise monitoring



Administration tools for task automation, data validation, object management, and more



Access modes

Web browser









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*Denotes features not available with the Reporting Suite.

What is MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop?

MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop is a fast, effortless, and beautiful way to explore data and share insights on your computer. It is a self-service business analytics solution designed to help you intuitively access and explore data without expert assistance. Available via a quick and simple installation, Analytics Desktop lets you access data instantly and securely without complex scripting, discover insights using compelling data visualizations, organize information in interactive dashboards, and deliver your results via email.

Try it yourself and discover how easy business analytics can be. Download your free copy of Analytics Desktop here.

Who should use MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop?

Analytics Desktop is designed for business people who need to visualize, analyze, and deliver data on their own, in an on-premises environment, but who lack the necessary tools, technical experience, or IT resources. The streamlined download and installation process makes every aspect of the product intuitive and fast.

Do I need special training to use MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop?

No special training or experience is required to use Analytics Desktop. With Analytics Desktop, you can create your own interactive dashboards in minutes without any specialized training. Powerful out-of-the-box visualization templates help you easily discover patterns, trends, and relationships that are otherwise difficult to find. You can also deliver your dashboards as easily as sending an email. Helpful videos guide you through every product feature for a “zero manual” experience.

What can I do with MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop?

MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop is a self-service solution that easily allows you to connect to your data, intuitively create interactive dashboards to discover hidden insights, and then publish and share those insights with anyone.

Effortlessly build dashboards by choosing from a wide range of interactive visualizations. You can drag and drop your data to customize your view, or sort, pivot, drill, and use aggregations to apply statistical analysis, making Analytics Desktop powerful yet easy to use.

Finally, share your dashboards with an audience using email delivery, all in just a few clicks.

How is Analytics Desktop different from MicroStrategy Analytics Express?

Analytics Desktop is a single-user, on-premises version of MicroStrategy Analytics Express. Like Analytics Express, you can easily access and explore data in Analytics Desktop using interactive visualizations. Unlike Analytics Express, it’s not possible to build pixel-perfect documents, schedule automated deliveries, or build custom mobile interfaces in Analytics Desktop.

Refer to our features comparison table to determine which version best fits your needs.

How is Analytics Desktop different from MicroStrategy Analytics Enterprise?

Analytics Desktop is a single-user, on-premises solution that gives you access to a subset of the Analytics Enterprise capabilities, mainly the ability to easily connect to different data sources without complex scripting, and to explore data using interactive visualizations.

Refer to our features comparison table to determine which version best fits your needs.

What systems and data sources can I access with MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop?

Analytics Desktop allows you to connect to the database of your choice, upload Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or CSV files directly from your computer, or import data from an online source. A variety of database drivers are provided in the installation of Analytics Desktop.

Refer to our features comparison table for a full list of supported data sources.

Can I combine data from different data sources using Analytics Desktop?

Analytics Desktop allows you to combine data from different sources. You can upload, blend, and analyze data from multiple sources to gain even better insights.

Can I share content with other users?

Yes, Analytics Desktop allows you to create MicroStrategy files (.mstr) to share dashboards with other Analytics Desktop, Analytics Express and MicroStrategy Analytics Enterprise users via email. Analytics Desktop also allows you to easily and rapidly export data to Excel, interactive PDF files, images, and CSV files.

Is help available if I need it?

Yes. Help videos guide you through every product feature, or you can click the Help button or ? (question mark) icon on most windows in Analytics Desktop to view detailed steps on how to use the software. You can visit the Discussion Forum to ask questions and exchange information with other users. In addition, following your registration you will have access to technical support via email; click here for details.

What are the hardware and software requirements for the application?

Analytics Desktop is available for Windows operating systems (32-bit or 64-bit versions). A web browser and Adobe Flash Player are required for the application to run. Refer to the User Guide available at for complete details.

Windows Administrator privileges are required to install Analytics Desktop, but are not required to run it.

Can I install MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop if I have other MicroStrategy products installed on my computer?

Analytics Desktop and Analytics Enterprise cannot be installed concurrently on the same machine. If you have Analytics Enterprise installed on your computer, we recommend installing Analytics Desktop on a different computer or a virtual machine; or uninstalling Analytics Enterprise; or using our Software-as-a-Service application, Analytics Express.

Does MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop require time to load my data when I start the application?

Analytics Desktop automatically starts running in the background when your machine is turned on, ensuring the software is ready for use at all times. When you leave the user interface, the software remains running in the background, ready for the next use. You can quit the Analytics Desktop application completely by right-clicking the Analytics Desktop icon in the Windows taskbar and selecting Quit.

Does MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop work offline?

Yes. Most of Analytics Desktop’s features are available locally on your computer, allowing you to import, visualize, and analyze data while offline. The map visualizations require a live Internet connection to provide up-to-date maps.

Where is my data stored?

All the data imported into Analytics Desktop remains in your hands and is stored locally on your machine.

How do I try MicroStrategy Analytics Enterprise?

MicroStrategy Analytics Enterprise provides a wide range of functionality beyond the subset of features that is available in Analytics Desktop. If you are interested in starting a free trial of MicroStrategy Analytics Enterprise, click here for more information.

What if I have questions that are not answered here?

We encourage you to post your questions to the Analytics Desktop Discussion Forum. The user account you created to download the software grants you access to post new messages and read replies from other users.

You can also contact us at or call us at 888.537.8135 for more information.

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