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1st Financial Bank USA


24 Hour Fitness


99c Only Stores

“With MicroStrategy’s user-friendly dashboards, our employees will be able to view large volumes of data in a highly interactive way to make timely, data-driven decisions.”

Terry Rountree, Director of Application Development


"MicroStrategy reduced the database preparation stage of the project from 300 IT days to just 25 IT days."

Adrian Stubbings, Margin and Business Intelligence Manager

ABC DIN (Link)


"In selecting MicroStrategy after a competitive proof of concept, Accor cited superior technology and MicroStrategy's extensive experience in the business intelligence industry."

ACE Argentina

Aceitera General Deheza


ACP - Serviços de Assistência


Action Travel

Action Travel,

Acturis Limited

"MicroStrategy...stands out from the competition as it enables Acturis to deliver superior reporting for our insurer and broker customers."

Theo Duchen, Co-CEO

Adecco Argentina

Adecco Group

Adecco Groupe France

"In combining the Visual Crossing solution with MicroStrategy’s BI tools, we have moved from simple data publication on a map to a true visual and geolocation-based solution that not only helps users save a lot of time when it comes to analysis tasks, but also delivers high value-added services to customers. This solution is more than a BI project: it has become a true marketing tool that sets us apart from our competitors."

Stéphane Burie, BI Manager


"On top of the SAP Hana platform we have decided to use MicroStrategy as the one strategic frontend which we deploy across the adidas Group worldwide."

adidas Russia

Admiral Group

"The MicroStrategy-based solution will enable Admiral employees to easily access important brand and product data across Admiral's multiple lines of business and deliver customized products and services more efficiently to Admiral customers."

AdP - Águas de Portugal Serviços Ambientais


"Mobile Business Intelligence totally changed the way our Board Members looked at their weekly meetings. Interaction and decisions replaced presentations of static numbers in PowerPoint."

Zoltan Hans, Project Leader BI


AEON Integrated Business Service(イオンアイビス株式会社)

Aerolineas Argentina




AFP Prima


Agencias Way


AGF Management

Aguas de Antofagasta S.A




"MicroStrategy's business intelligence software offers excellent performance that can easily handle the analysis of millions of cash register transactions each week."

Egbert Dijkstra, Business Intelligence IT Manager


AIG Compañia Financiera Argentina


Aimia Canada

“MicroStrategy delivers the enhanced insight and analytical capabilities Aeroplan needs to make faster, data-driven decisions.”

Michel Girard, Director of Analytics

Air Astana

Airbus CIMPA


Alberta Health Services


Alcatel-Lucent Portugal


“With the adoption of MicroStrategy platform, we are able to develop a product that can be deployed in the global market and in multi tenancy ready applications. We are able to develop once with short life cycle developments and in different platforms, including mobile such as IOS and android.”

Alloso Technologies

"MicroStrategy Mobile provides us with a cutting-edge solution that transforms the way our hospitality clients work."

Jon Gorman, Chief Technology Officer


Allstate Insurance

Almacenes Exito Cadenalco



“The great results obtained in Argentina with our data warehousing solution encouraged us to design the same solution for the southern region of South America being administered from Argentina. As we realized that MicroStrategy was our ideal partner, in 2008 we decided to extend the same initiative to Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile, and this way, the information generated in those affiliates was then consolidated in the data repository located in Argentina.”

Federico Fischer, Director of Operations and Customer Service for Latin America


"Amadori Group has chosen the MicroStrategy Platform for its capability of managing great volumes of data and analyze on different dimensions."

GianLuca Giovannetti, Direttore SI e Organizzazione


American Signature, Inc.

Amerisource Bergen

"With MicroStrategy, we will have a true enterprise view across our value chain."

Thomas H.Murphy, Senior Vice President and CIO, AmerisourceBergen


Amica Mutual Insurance


"MicroStrategy is helping us to achieve our goals through a single integrated platform and a Web interface."

David Harris, Chief Operating Officer

Amore Pacific (아모레퍼시픽)


Amway Korea

Anhanguera Educacional

Aon Risk Services Colombia Corredores de Seguros

APM Terminals


Apple Premium Resellers

"MicroStrategy has a very flexible environment that enabled us to create beautifully designed dashboards."

Apria Healthcare


"Arcor has chosen to expand its MicroStrategy deployment to give its executives, merchants, and planners enhanced reporting and user-friendly dashboard capabilities."


Aristocrat Technologies

“MicroStrategy’s long history and devotion to producing world-class business intelligence technology provided us with extreme confidence that we are making the right decision for our casino partners.” 

Nick Khin, President

ARS Altmann AG


Asamblea Nacional de Rectores

Ascena Shared Services Group

"We've made MicroStrategy our business-wide standard because it has fully met our wish list requirements."

Jack Dougherty, Project Manager

Asiana Airlines (아시아나항공)

Asociación Mutual Ser Empresa Solidaria De Salud


Aspiag Services - Despar

Assicurazioni Generali

"We have been able to give prompt access to our employees, partners and customers to updated and correct information."

Fabiano Rossetto, Senior Manager, Head of ICT and Accounting

Astra International

"If you look at the mobile revolution taking place in large corporations today, the business executive is facing very dynamic business movement – so the Business Intelligence solution must absolutely be mobile… (our users) like it because it is dynamic, scalable and highly visual."

Ganda Kusuma, Chief Information Officer



"MicroStrategy business intelligence gives us a better understanding of the market, and helps us meet expected market share goals for our products. In addition, the performance and scalability of our MicroStrategy-based application is remarkable, allowing our users to be more productive and efficient."

Keith Megay, Senior Manger of Commercial Data Warehousing



Atos IT Solutions and Services


Automotores Randazzo

Automovil Club Argentino


Autopistas del Sol

Autoridad Portuaria de Barcelona

"We looked at other, competing, offerings, but preferred MicroStrategy's end-user experience and integrated architecture."

Dan Crowe, Chief Information Officer

Autotransportes Andesmar


Avon Products, Inc.


Avure Technologies



Azucarera Paraguaya

BAI - Banco Angolano de Investimentos

Banc Sabadell


Banco BPI

Banco Central de la República Argentina

Banco Columbia

Banco Comafi

Banco Continental

Banco Credicoop


Banco de Servicios Financieros SA  

Banco Falabella

Banco General


Banco Itaú

Banco Itau

Banco Macro

Banco Mare Nostrum


Banco Mas Ventas

“We contacted other banks to know details about their experiences and they recommended MicroStrategy’s platform. However, the two most relevant factors were the local presence and the fact that MicroStrategy offered consultants that apart from being familiar with the tool also had solid expertise within the banking field. The members of the Board of Directors didn’t want to start from scratch with someone who wasn’t aware of the particular characteristics of this business.”

Stella Maris Osinaga, Information Technology

Banco Patagonia

“The tool needed to be as flexible as possible, we needed a solution that allowed us to grow and evolve together with our business. We saw different projects implemented in companies similar to ours, we analyzed different industry publications, and we finally selected MicroStrategy”.

José Luis Neve, Business Planning & Management Control Manager

Banco Popular

Banco Provincia

Banco Provincia de Buenos Aires

Banco Santander Colombia

Banco Solidario

Banco Solidario de Bolivia

Banco Supervielle

“It was such a success that since this first pilot experience, we decided to analyze models available for the Bank’s higher-rank staff, basically members of the Board of Directors and officers of the area of Business and Institutions.”

Claudio Ercolessi, CIO



"With Wisdom Professional’s extensive market intelligence capabilities, we’ll be able to explore data from our client network to reveal new ways to be of service."

Nathan Baumeister, Vice President of Analytics



Banfield Pet Hospital

Banjalučka Pivara


Bank of Ireland UK Financial Services

Banka Koper

Banka Sparkasse


Barclays Bank Delaware


"Leveraging the MicroStrategy Platform gets us closer to our overall target of distributing strategic information about BARMER today and in the future."


Barneys New York

Barugel Azulay

“Our BI solution is oriented towards dashboard and report creation. Report distribution by e-mail is a feature we use a lot applying user information filters. Our goal was to limit access to data so that each user could only see what was relevant for him. Using this platform we managed to easily achieve this goal.”

Dante Rodofile, Information Systems Leader

Bayer Healthcare

"Approximately 10,000 end users across Bayer HealthCare's Global Operations and R&D business areas will use MicroStrategy for reporting and analysis of business data."

Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst

BBVA Banco Frances

BBVA Chile

BBVA Colombia

BBVA Consolidar

BBVA Seguros Colombia


Bearing Point

"The dashboard shows our users the most vital information. If they want a greater degree of detail, then they use more in-depth reporting to access additional data directly from the data warehouse – this keeps the solution streamlined and high performing."

Beauty Success



“MicroStrategy has provided us with strategic access to sales, inventory, receipts, markdowns and on-order information, helping us make more proactive, smarter decisions that enhance our overall business performance.”

Roddy Kerr, EVP and CIO



Benetton Turkey


BHG (Singapore) Pte Ltd

"We have been using MicroStrategy’s core Business Intelligence (BI) platform since 2000 and trusts its reliability of use for both business users and IT support."

Serene Tan, Director

BIAC Business Insurance Application Consulting

Biffa Waste Services

"We saw an improvement in the information we were receiving...which has undoubtedly improved customer retention and increased profitability."

Richard Chivers, IT Director

BIT (Bundesamt für Informatik und Telekommunikation)



BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas Argentina

BNP Paribas Personal Finance




Borsa Istanbul



Boston Children's Hospital

Boston Seguros




BPCE Assurances

British American Tabacco Paraguay


British Columbia Ambulance Service

Brussels Airport Company

"Brussels Airport will use the MicroStrategy Analytics Platform™ to analyze its business operations and improve insights into the airport's operational performance and costs."


Buenos Aires Department of the Treasury


Business Solutions s.a.


"Thanks to the increased transparency [provided by the MicroStrategy solution] it was possible for example to optimize the staff allocation at more than 1.000 locations, which allowed to reduce costs."

Cabal Cooperativa de Provision de Servicios Ltda


Caisse d’Epargne Côte d’Azur

"With MicroStrategy we will deploy an enterprise analytics and reporting platform to develop intuitive, actionable dashboards and reports for 1,700 users across the organization."

Caixa Geral de Aposentações

Caja de Abogados de la Provincia de BA

Caja Municipal de Arequipa

Campbell Soup Company

“Campbell Soup Company is utilizing MicroStrategy for Sales, Finance, Customer Service and Marketing applications. MicroStrategy provides many options for presenting highly formatted information in a consistent user-friendly format.”

Paul Williams, Director IT


"One of the main benefits of the project we conducted with Microstrategy is that for the first time we have a common set of key performance indicators for the different functional areas of the company. We can say that MicroStrategy corporate dashboards can have one single version of the truth in terms of business indicators."

Gonzalo Martinez Olea, Director of Corporate Applications


Canadian Bank Note Company

Cancer Care Ontario




Caresource Management Group Co.

"Our MicroStrategy-based Mobile BI solution will provide...the enhanced insight and analytic capabilities to make in-location decisions and ensure that our at-risk members receive cost effective and proactive care."

Paul Stoddard, CIO

Careways Group


Carrefour Argentina

“Using MicroStrategy we are now able to process information that otherwise would have been be impossible to access, there is no Excel worksheet able to support the volume of data generated through retail activities. That information is analyzed and then you can see which item rotates and which one doesn’t, which item drives the sale of another, whether a certain promotion was profitable or not, whether you need to maintain or replace a specific product, among an endless list of elements that could only be analyzed using a BI solution”.

Gustavo Fernández, Information Systems & Organization Director

Carrefour Chévere



Carulla (es parte del Exito)

Catalina Marketing Corporation

"Over the years, MicroStrategy's high scalability, robust security, intuitive Web interface, and advanced SQL engine have proven to be instrumental in helping us meet our clients' growing information requirements."

Catalina Marketing France

"Over the years, MicroStrategy's high scalability, robust security, intuitive Web interface, and advanced SQL engine have proven to be instrumental in helping us meet our clients' growing information requirements."

Catalina Marketing Italia

"Over the years, MicroStrategy's high scalability, robust security, intuitive Web interface, and advanced SQL engine have proven to be instrumental in helping us meet our clients' growing information requirements."

Cedacri Group

Ceicom - Indra


"Celio selected MicroStrategy for its integrated architecture platform, ease-of-use, and mobile visualization capabilities, all available in the cloud."

Cell C

Cencosud Argentina

Cencosud Chile






"With the MicroStrategy App the information is right out there in front of you, and compared to how cumbersome and difficult it was to extract the most basic information from our previous tools, you are going to love using it! I hate to give you the commercial. I don’t mean to be a reckless cheerleader for MicroStrategy, but you’re really going to like this app. I do."

Joshua Pickell, Territory Manager, DC and VA

Charter Communications, Inc.

"MicroStrategy enables us to expand the capabilities and uses of valuable data across the company."

Jay Carlson, Senior Vice President of Information Technology


Children International

"Because the MicroStrategy platform is so easy to set up and deploy across many users, we envision building additional business intelligence applications."

Brian Anderson, Vice President of Marketing and Development

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.

"With MicroStrategy, our user community will have a self-service approach to corporate information, freeing up our IT group to focus on strategic BI expansion."

Chiquita Brands

Chiquita Brands LLC

Chugai (中外製薬株式会社)

Churchill Downs Incorporated

Citi Argentina

CJ O Shopping (CJ오쇼핑)

Claro Argentina

Claro Chile




"MicroStrategy’s BI solution streamlines our reporting environment and offers our users intuitive system-of-record applications to analyze our business performance with a high degree of flexibility and governance. We’re really excited about the possibilities that MicroStrategy is providing our global enterprise."

Codere Argentina

“We incorporated MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server so as to increase the use of information on decision-making processes. Finding an e-mail in your inbox everyday with all the necessary information helps eliminate barriers and accelerates the adoption of the solution by managers and analysts”.

Eduardo Stein, Information Systems Manager

Codere Colombia (Interamericana De Electr)

Coexca s.a.

Cofel Groupe



Comair Limited

Compañia Financiera Argentina

Comunicaciones Netglobalis s.a.


Conad del Tirreno


Consorcio de Gobiernos Autónomos Provinciales del Ecuador


Contaduria General de la Provincia de Buenos Aires


"MicroStrategy handles our growth in data and number of users without any problems."

Cooperativa Agraria

Cooperativa Agricola Ganadera Limitada Guillermo Lehmann

Cooperativa Agropecuaria General Paz

Cooperativa Agropecuaria Union de Justiniano Posse Limitada

Cooperativa Máximo Paz



Cordial Compania Financiera



CoreLogic Real Estate Information Services

Cork County Council

"There’s no one talking about the technology, no one talking about the process, now they are talking about the information the MicroStrategy platform is showing them. To my mind that’s a success."

James Fogarty, ICT Manager


Corporación Financiera Colombiana

Corporacion Miyasato


Cortal Consors

"MicroStrategy provides the flexibility and ease of use that our end users require daily to analyze massive amounts of trade and customer interaction information."


Corte dei conti

Coto Cicsa



Country Road

"We chose to significantly expand our use of MicroStrategy because it provides an integrated platform for all our BI needs and scalability to handle the large amounts of data we collect from various sources across the business."

Mr Von Blanckensee, IT Manager – Business Information Systems

Cox Communications

"MicroStrategy's user-friendly reporting capabilities coupled with its powerful analytics are tailor-made for our needs."

Mark Snow, Director of Marketing Analytics

CP - Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses

Credibanco Visa


Crédit Agricole Technologies


D&S (Lider Presto)


"The Daimler After-Sales project examines the areas of product performance, vehicle history, diagnostic performance and dealer controlling and helps to identify improvement potentials and avoid mistakes at an early stage."

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

"MicroStrategy will support our executive management team in strategic planning, tactical responses and detailed analysis of business operations."

William Flowers, Vice President for Information Technology Systems

Danier Leather Inc.


"MicroStrategy provides us with an in-depth view into our business and the ability to reach economies of scale for scarce resources."

Xavier Serres, CEO, Danone BI Competency Centre

Danone Argentina

Data Pharma de Chile

David's Bridal

Dean Foods Company


"Deichmann will roll out friendly ad-hoc reporting, geo-analysis and dashboarding, particularly for the Finance and Controlling departments. Deichmann SE selected MicroStrategy for its ease-of-use, flexibility, and integrated platform for mobile dashboards."


Department of State Development, Business and Innovation (DSDBI)

"I liked the fact that we could use any data warehouse or data modeling tool. MicroStrategy doesn't force the use of any fixed architecture. At the time we evaluated, I also thought we were getting value for money. After almost two years using MicroStrategy, I know for a fact that we are getting value for money."

Dr Suresh Hungenahally, Manager Information Technology Strategy and Architecture & Chief IM&T Architect, CISO and Advisor.

Depsa (Depósito SA)

Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust


“If you have a lot of products with many different divisions, then MicroStrategy Cloud is an easy way to get the analytics that you need to make good important business decisions.” 

Greg Hodge, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, DeRoyal Orthopedics Division

Deutsche Bank AG

Deutsche Börse Group

Deutsche Telekom

"MicroStrategy made our transition trouble-free. The integrated and flexible platform helps provide a more extensive service at a lower cost."





Dick‘s Sporting Goods, Inc



Dirección de Vialidad – Ministerio de Obras Públicas


Disagro (Servicio de Plantas y Construcciones)

Discovery Communication



Dixons Carphone

"The MicroStrategy Customer retention dashboard has allowed us to have a deeper understanding of our customers' behaviour as it provides insights about when they come back to us for an upgrade at a channel and network level. It has also helped our negotiations with the networks as we can now prove and show we know our customers and are the best placed to manage a relationship with them." 

Ingrid Sierra, Head of European Customer Marketing

DM Drogeriemarkt

"2.500 internal and more than 1.000 external users leverage the central Data Warehouse and run up to 30.000 reports per day."



Domino's Pizza

"MicroStrategy's flexible and robust platform helps the company turn data into information and information into actionable insight."

Domodedovo Moscow Airport



Dufry International


"eBay selected MicroStrategy because of its exceptional user scalability and its ability to support advanced reporting and analysis, MicroStrategy also provides excellent query performance with our rapidly growing multi-terabyte data warehouse.”

Brad Peterson, CIO

Eczacibasi Holding

"MicroStrategy made our key web metrics come alive with an intuitive and elegant iPad application."

Keith Reynolds, Director, Business Analysis





"We've been impressed with the ease of use of MicroStrategy Mobile."

Grant Parsamyan, Director, Data Warehousing and Analytics

Elan Polo International

Electronic Partner Benelux

Elevite AG

Elster EnergyICT

"MicroStrategy is our trusted partner in providing our customers with solutions for accurate data analysis and smart reports which are helping them to reduce their energy consumption and save on energy costs."

Spencer Rigler, Vice-President Energy Management

EMEA - European Medicines Agency

Emmi Schweiz

Empresa de Transformacion Agraria

Empresa Nacional del Petroleo

Empresa Nacional Minera Empresa Publica


Empresa Periodistica Nacional

ENAP Sipetrol

engelberger AG

Eni Austria


Enova Financial

Entel Call Center

Entel PCS


Estrella Galicia


"MicroStrategy highlights the difference between reporting and analysis. With the extensive out-of-the-box capabilities we are now able to dive deeper into the data and produce very detailed analysis."

Jeroen Koppenaal, ICT manager

European Space Agency

European Space Agency – Italy



Extrusiones de Aluminio


"With MicroStrategy embedded into our TMS offering, our customers will be able to uncover "cost-to-serve of a sales" and "shipment costs to business unit" quickly using a powerful yet user-friendly, self-service technology solution that meets their unique needs."

EYL Comercial

Fabrica Nacional de Cemento


"With MicroStrategy we were able to provide an easy to use interface that changed the conversation that we had with our customers, that helped give life to our data."


“FADEVA commercializes more than 2,000 different valves with different components. Therefore, it was extremely difficult to implement a price strategy as it was necessary to apply a case-by-case analysis. With MicroStrategy, we created dynamic classifications that allowed us to find similar features among valves. Today, we can easily, quickly and accurately determine the price of each product.”

Eduardo Guillemi, Information Systems


Falabella Argentina

Falabella Chile


"Our high performance BI environment encourages the use of BI across the company, providing greater visibility into the business for more employees."

Santiago Allande, CIO






Fiat Argentina


First Data

First National Bank

Fitness Panama


Fnac Portugal

Forever 21

"Forever 21 selected MicroStrategy to perform financial analysis, store operations reporting, and merchandising analytics."


Four Seasons Hotels Inc.

"Our General Managers will now have the analytics they need to serve our guests better, and operate their hotel more efficiently, anytime, anywhere on their iPad devices. MicroStrategy Cloud will allow us to build these applications much quicker than before and without expensive upfront capital investments in technology."

Marco Trecroce, Chief Information Officer


Fraser Health Authority


“We wanted to be sure of the decision we were making, that’s the reason why we also surveyed those end users that participated in the lab experience. MicroStrategy ranked first for its functionality and ease of use.”

José Luis Marín, Applications & BI Manager


Fresenius Netcare

Fuerza Aerea del Peru

Fuji Xerox

Fundacion DOUC

Fundacion Perez Companc

Galeries Lafayette

Gas Natural Fenosa


“We evaluated different tools and MicroStrategy showed the most complete product offering considering GDS-Net’s needs; a flexible and scalable Web architecture together with a strong regional presence in Latin America”.

Andrés Hernández, CEO

GEHE Informatik Services


General Practice Education and Training

Generalitat de Catalunya, Centre de Telecomunicacions i Tecnologies de la Informació


George Mason University

Georgia Tech Panama Foundation




"We have been able to witness first-hand how easy it is to create dashboards with MicroStrategy. From there it is a very small step to being able to distribute information to all managers with hand held devices".

Francesca Voltarel, Corporate Human Resources Manager

Gerencia de Informática de la Seguridad Social

GESIS Gesellschaft für Informationssysteme

Giant Tiger Stores


Giorgio Armani Corporation

Global Blue

"We needed a solution that would be easy enough for staff to rapidly master, while having the capacity to scale up and analyze large datasets in real time. MicroStrategy’s solution was a great match for our needs."


Global Digital Networks


Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX)





Gobierno Vasco


Golf Digest Online (株式会社ゴルフダイジェスト・オンライン)



González Byass

Gourmondo Food


Grange Insurance

"MicroStrategy...enables us to better serve our customers and run our operations more efficiently."

Tony Simpkins, Data Warehouse Project Manager


Grassland Fertilizers



Groupama Assicurazioni

Groupe FLO

"MicroStrategy has a strong reputation as the reporting platform of choice among many of the largest tech companies in the Silicon Valley."

Mark Johnson, Chief Data Officer



Grupo Argos

"Our decision to choose MicroStrategy Cloud was based on its ability to deliver the highest available level of security and operational controls for our company information."

Grupo BBVA

"Instead of bringing printouts to meetings like we used to, now we do it automatically in real time, directly from the bank systems."

Luis Uguina, Global Head of Remote Channels and New Digital Business

Grupo Energisa


“MicroStrategy not only proved to be the solution that better answered our technical and analytical requirements, but it also offered high-level local support and a strong commitment with the project from the beginning, and that was conclusive for us.”

Marcelo Varela, Information Systems Manager

Grupo IRSA


Grupo Serfin


Grupo Union

Gruppo Dimar


Gruppo Maiorana

Gruppo PAM

GS Retail (GS리테일)

GUESS?, Inc.

"Deploying MicroStrategy Mobile to our executives is the next achievement in delivering actionable, accessible and visually compelling information."

Bruce Yen, Director of Business Intelligence


"We believe that partnering with MicroStrategy for the iPhone and iPad is going to change how we do our business and allow us to create additional product offerings with very little effort up front."

Brian Barrett, President

Guy Carpenter



H&C Holdings

Hallmark Cards, Inc.

"MicroStrategy allows us to understand how recent product innovations, such as our 'Cards with Sound' line, are performing in the marketplace."

Paul Wolters, Business Intelligence Manager

Hannover Rück SE


Hanwha Galleria

Hard Rock International

"MicroStrategy allows us to extend valuable insight to users in the cafés and corporate departments through content-rich, user-friendly reports that empower them to make more strategic and proactive decisions."

Kelly Maddern, Senior Director of IT


Harris Scarfe


Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia


Health Partners


Héctor A. Bertone




"MicroStrategy will enable HEMA to visualise data and information more effectively and move towards an exception reporting approach. Some of our employees will also be able to access reports on mobile devices enabling them to access information and make decisions more quickly."

Rob Gerretsen, IT Manager

Henry Schein, Inc.

"MicroStrategy enables Henry Schein to track sales over time for all of our medical, dental and veterinary products."

Darryl Kelley, Director of MIS


"MicroStrategy provides our entire organization with sophisticated reporting and analysis capabilities."

Tim Waters, Vice President of Business Analysis


Hernan Marotta y Asociados



Hibbett Sporting Goods


Holle baby food




"The MicroStrategy platform enables HORNBACH Gruppe to perform a timely and reliable analysis of their operational data."

Hospital Aleman

“Appointment data is analyzed by our most advanced users. Then they send reports to the marketing team and based on said information different decisions are made, for example, how many external consulting offices need to be maintained.”

Diego Waksman, Information Systems Manager

Hospital De Pediatria S.A.M.I.C. “Prof. Dr. Juan P. Garrahan”

Hospital Mãe de Deus

Hospital San Fernando

HRS – Hotel Reservation Service

Hudson‘s Bay Company

Husqvarna Group

"Husqvarna chose MicroStrategy to build a mobile solution that will empower its management team to track sales performance by region for its various product lines, and view trends about the company's sales, transactions and productivity on mobile devices."

Hyundai Mortor Company (현대자동차)


"With only two administrators, we are able to support more than 800 users and at the same time continue to expand the applications. This would not be possible without MicroStrategy."

Immobilien Scout


"We chose MicroStrategy due to the versatile interface options, varied and scalable database support and its ability to handle data architectures that proved problematic for other business intelligence platforms."

Jeffrey Hunsberger, Senior Director of Software and Data Applications

IMS Health

Industria de Hamburguesas

InfAction Consulting



Informática del Ayuntamiento de Madrid



Instituto de Informatica

Instituto Massone

Instituto Nacional de Estadistica e Informatica (INEI)


Interstate Batteries







Iridium Communications

Itau Chile

J Walter Thompson

J.A Russell

"Our sales reps can use MicroStrategy’s mobile BI to ‘Find a Price’ on the spot – a big ask when we have tiered pricing across numerous trade accounts, and they can share much of the trend information with their customers."

Adam Parker, Information Systems Manager

Janshen-Hahnraths Group

Jerónimo Martins Distribuição


"MicroStrategy is a cost efficient way to drive the business forward with dashboards that are easy to use and visually engaging."

Colin Kroll, CTO

Johnson & Johnson

Jumbo Supermarkten


"In our world, an hour is a long time. Our entire executive team is using MicroStrategy BI on iPad and it has become our go-to app. MicroStrategy gives us colourful, rich information that we can drill through and query immediately."

Grant Taylor, CIO

KB Bank (국민은행)


Kelley Blue Book

Kering Group




Kinross Gold

"There is no debate that the solutions that we implemented both from a process and technology perspective are delivering significant value."




Kmart Australia

Knappschaft Bahn See

Kokubu (国分株式会社)



Kromberg & Schubert

KSNET (케이에스넷)





L&T Infotech

L’Argus de la Presse

La Anonima

“The portal solution is extremely important for La Anónima as it shows the perfect match made by Teradata and MicroStrategy. Both products are powerful and that’s why they work fine together”.

Raúl Blanco, Director of Finance, Technology & Logistics

La Capitale Assurances Generales

La Feltrinelli

La Perla

"There’s no learning curve associated with the app so our executives started using it immediately after implementation. With MicroStrategy, our business owners now have a user-friendly, convenient way to access critical insights."

La Rinascente


Laboratorio Bagó del Perú S.A.

Laboratorios Bagó

Laboratorios Bago del Ecuador

Laboratorios Raffo


Laboratorios Roster

Lan Airlines S.A.

Lan Cargo



"Lansforsakringar selected MicroStrategy for its ease-of-use, analytical reporting capabilities, performance and scalability, total cost of ownership, and BI leadership in the insurance industry."

Las Blondas


Le Groupe Jean Coutu


LG Display (LG디스플레이)

LG U+ (LG유플러스)


Liberty Art

Liberty Seguros

Libreria Cuspide



Life :) Belarus


"MicroStrategy-based advanced analytics data also helps LinkedIn identify customer behavior and intraday trends, as well as monitor and evaluate key performance measures such as page views, registrations, invitations, and product usage."

Lion (ライオン株式会社)

Liquor Control Board of Ontario

"MicroStrategy has enabled us to gain vital new intelligence from our data and to extend that insight to far more employees, suppliers and stores."

Tom Stanley, Director of IT


Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust

“We chose MicroStrategy because we had looked at a number of different providers that are out there that provide mobile business platforms and when we looked at MicroStrategy, it seemed much more intuitive, a much better product for us to use, something that we could take, install, and implement pretty quickly. It was really, really simple for us to move from where we were to the platform.”

Lesley Neary, Head of Planning and Performance

Liz Claiborne, Inc.


“MicroStrategy has the scalability and ease-of-use which allows us to increase the availability and timeliness of analysis and reporting, but also to widen its application across the organisation.“

Ian Fereday, Head of Business Intelligence

Logan‘s Roadhouse

Loterija Slovenije

Lotte department Store (롯데백화점)

Lowe's Companies

"Lowe's is realizing significant benefits through improved merchandising decisions, more timely responses to information requests, cost reduction initiatives, enhanced employee productivity and better service to our customers."

Ryan Boone, Manager, BI Architecture


Lufthansa Cargo AG

M&C System Corporation (株式会社エム アンドシー システム)




Makro Supermayorista



Marinha de Guerra Portuguesa

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer

Martin & Servera

Martina di Trento S.A.



Materis Peintures



McCain Foods

"People should always think about what’s possible...What can you do for that person? That becomes your possibility."

Roman Coba, CIO


Media Capital


MEF - Ministero dell'Economia e delle Finanze


Mega Santamaria

Memory Lane

Mentvil S.A. 

Mercado Libre

“The aim of implementing MicroStrategy's planning and consolidation solution is to access information faster and to improve decision-making based on planning and using automatic, efficient and safe processes.”

Diego Cabrera Canay, Director of Planning, Management Control & Administrative Systems for Latin America

Mercatone Uno

Merced Systems

"Built on MicroStrategy Mobile, Merced Sales Compensation Analytics for iPhone and iPad offers unprecedented freedom from the desktop."

Anant Chintamaneni, Director of Product Management

Meredith Corporation

"We're able to more efficiently identify new opportunities to increase circulation and implement more strategic merchandising and promotional campaigns."

Karla Jeffries, Vice President of Consumer Marketing



"MicroStrategy makes light work of complex business environments. It gives us a complete view of the total business that we couldn't get from anywhere else!"

Richard Roose, IT Manager - Business Intelligence Group


"MicroStrategy enables our employees to optimize product assortment and make decisions that help make us more customer-responsive and competitive."


Metro Italia

Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.


Michaels Stores

Michelin Argentina

“For those users who are “on the way”, as we use to call them, receiving information in their inbox is much more practical. The same happens with those who are physically at the office: many of them do not even really need Web access”.

Cecilia Battaglia, Market Analyst

Microglobal Argentina

Migros Türk

"We leverage the entire suite of MicroStrategy’s products to develop innovative BI and mobile solutions that drive growth, enhance productivity, and ultimately better serve our valued customers."


Ministério da Energia e Águas de Angola

Ministerio de Administracion y Gestion Publica


Ministerio de Defensa - Ejercito del Peru


Ministerio de Hacienda de la CABA

“Using MicroStrategy we simplified data extraction processes and increased reliability of the information we obtained. We needed data 100% reliable, data that posed no doubts. From that point onwards, benefits start reflecting in business management, such as improved budget execution and more detailed project follow up.”

Carlos Bogado, Director of Information Systems Department

Ministerio de Salud de la Provincia de Buenos Aires

Ministério dos Petróleos de Angola

Mirus Australia

"We wanted a technology solution that was focused on mobile and MicroStrategy is prominent in this space. In choosing a partner in MicroStrategy we wanted to work with an organization that could identify with our goals and objectives and be an active partner in development. We are 18 months down the line and MicroStrategy lived up to their end of the bargain."

James Price, Director and Co-Founder

Mladinska knjiga Založba d.d


Mondial Assistance


Moza Banco

Mr. Bricolage


Müller Fleisch



Municipalidad de Salta

Municipio de Medellin


"We now have a direct link between strategy and performance indicators - and the means to measure the effectiveness of that link."

Andrew Brown, Business Systems Manager


National Health Insurance Corporation


National Pension Service

National Pension Service (국민연금공단)

National Tax Service (국세청)

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company


"We are very happy with MicroStrategy and for us it's just the beginning of the journey."




Neowiz Games


"MicroStrategy's intuitive Web interface will enable our users to make strategic, analytically-based decisions to better serve our growing business."

Wayne Peacock, Vice President of Business Intelligence


New York & Company

Nextel Chile

NHS Fife

NHS Forth Valley

"MicroStrategy’s dashboard for NHS Forth Valley is an intuitive, simple-to-use piece of software that has integrated with our current systems and provided a real time view of our systems capacity and flow, which helps us optimise patient flow, and help meet our patient access targets. Developed and implemented in under 6 weeks, the dashboard has provided us with a tool to greatly improve our ability to deal with capacity challenges during busy periods and aids the delivery of safe and effective care by delivering care to patients in the right place in a timely manner.”

Jann Gardner, EPQ (Efficiency, Productivity & Quality) Programme Lead

NHS Golden Jubilee National Hospital

"Quality is never an accident."

Jill Young, CEO

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

NHS Lanarkshire

"We're delighted with our product. It gives us a significant move forward in terms of operational efficiences. It's absolutely addictive."

Alan Lawrie, Director of Acute Services

Nichii Gakkan Company (株式会社ニチイ学館)


"MicroStrategy is a great company to work with, a combination of outstanding people and excellent technology."

Gareth Billington, Head of IT and Development

Nobles del Sur

Nobleza Piccardo

“We designated information guardians, individuals who help us not to go back to the information chaos we used to have. Those guardians are our sale analysts, the key users of the application”.

Gastón Blanco, BI Manager

Nova Banka



"The speed with which member hospitals are capturing savings opportunities and interacting with all the charts and graphs on the iPhone and iPad is unbelievably fast."

Guillermo Ramas, Vice President of Strategy and Product Development for Information & Data Services

Novo Banco

"The app allows end users to be completely independent from going into the office. It is a new paradigm of using BI application on MicroStrategy because they use the app not only as a BI tool to consult information that is available but also to interact with the information and to create new information and new transactions in order to do business."

Pedro Alburquerque, The Innovative and Architecture Manager of Department of Information Management

Nygard International

"We consider ourselves pioneers in deploying innovative mobile applications, and are thrilled with the success achieved using MicroStrategy Mobile."

O‘Reilly Auto Parts

"MicroStrategy improves our ability to track sales, merchandising and inventory metrics. As a result, we are better able to identify revenue enhancement and cost reduction opportunities."

Greg Henslee, President


Océ Business Services

Occidental Argentina Exploration and Production

Odakyu (株式会社小田急百貨店)


Office Products Depot

"MicroStrategy gave us the ability to customise our reporting to our heart’s content – and we have the power to drill down to get the data behind the graphs."

Peter Wright, CFO

Ohio Department of Education

"This information changes our ability to effectively address educational issues in Ohio because we have data to drive our decisions."

Michael Carmack, Director of Enterprise Applications



OMRON Asia Pacific

"With MicroStrategy, what used to take 5-man days for data collation and analysis is now done in 2-man days."

Lim Keng Hean, General Manager of ITInnovation Centre



Orbis Seguros

Organizacion Coordinadora Argentina

Orizon S.A.

Ostdeutscher Sparkassenverband

Österreichische Lotterien

Oxford Partners

Pacific Life Insurance Co.

Pacific Sunwear of California, Inc

"We chose MicroStrategy as our enterprise-wide reporting standard because it was the best fit for our business intelligence requirements."

Ron Thlers, Vice President of Information Service

Pago Fácil


Pan American Energy

Panamericana Librería y Papelería S.A.

Panda Restaurant Group




Parks and Resorts

"Thanks to MicroStrategy’s solution we now have better visibility into the flow of people through the amusement park."

Benjamin Ernryd, IT Chief

Pasta Zara

persona service Verwaltungs AG & Co. KG

PF Chang‘s



Pinturerias Rex

”At the time of selecting the tool, we had to explain the users that not only the visual aspect of the dashboards was important, but that it was also necessary to take into account all the elements that were behind them in order to build those reports. We had the chance to test different tools, and we realized that MicroStrategy was the best option in terms of administration as it offered a single metadata and a unified platform.”

Gastón García, Information Systems Manager



Porsche Bank

Porto di Civitavecchia

Portugal Telecom

Poste Italiane SpA

Pošte Srpske

Premier, Inc

"We rely on many partners, including MicroStrategy, to help us create a comprehensive solution for the industry."

Todd Wilkes, Director of Applications Development


Prescription Data



"With MicroStrategy, our marketing team will have the information they need to make strategic, data-driven decisions to help drive business growth."

Ron Rose, CIO

"With MicroStrategy’s software, our employees have the ability to create their own reports, and that helps support our goal of generating and internally disseminating timely, in-depth reports on key aspects of our operations. MicroStrategy offers ease-of-deployment, ease-of-use, ease-of-administration, exceptional scalability and powerful analytics that can drill down to the most minute detail."

Ron Rose, CIO

Primatics Financial

“We’ve leveraged MicroStrategy to allow banks to have more transparency for their loan portfolios. in these times, banks need better insight over how they’re performing and what kind of risk they have. Having this kind of easy-to-generate and easy-to-digest information gives them better insight and better control over their loan portfolios.”

Cary Moore, Director of Business Intelligence




Procesamiento electrónico Pagos - Credit Card


Proexport Colombia

Programa de Servicios Agricolas Provinciales

Provincia Seguros


"Choosing MicroStrategy fits in perfectly with our sales performance management strategy."

Hans Schurmans, Operational Strategy Manager


Prudential Seguros


"We are very pleased with the MicroStrategy implementation. The business users are impressed with the technology that let them analyse data in any way they want. The Dashboard presents the analysis in an easy-to-understand format, which is a big plus for the users.”

Filipus Suwarno, IT Division Head

PT Inovação e Sistemas

"PT Inovação e Sistemas aims to attract new customers for this and other services in the Business Intelligence area. This can only be possible by steadying a valuable partnership with MicroStrategy."


Puma Chile



"Our retail clients will be able to analyze high-level store performance, run dashboards, receive exception alerts and be forewarned of overstock or stock-out conditions immediately."

Jeff Buck, CEO

Quimica Montpellier

Quintana Wellpro

QVC Deutschland

"With MicroStrategy we have introduced a central system, that allows us to react quicker on the market changes and to increase our profitability."

Rafaela Alimentos

“With MicroStrategy we did not find any of the disadvantages showed by other tools. Modeling facts, attributes and metrics was easy and we could also incorporate new requirements without affecting any previous development. Proof of this is that we added more information to this prototype and it has now become our project in production stage”.

Lino Costa, Information Systems Manager

Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage


Rakuten (楽天株式会社)


"MicroStrategy is helping us to perform our jobs more nimbly and efficiently."

Tom Jones, CIO




Ratner Companies

RBS - Retail Banking Services

Red de Energía del Perú S.A.

Rede Ricoy



"The MicroStrategy platform offers the customer-focused analysis we need to succeed."

Fernando Pantaleão, Vice President of Marketing


Regione Sardegna



Republic Bank Limited

Republic National Distributing Company

"Our system not only gives us the ability to monitor our key brands very closely but also provides our suppliers and customers with the ability to securely track sales trends for their brands."

Warren Newman, Vice President of Information Systems


Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen

"MicroStrategy provides us with a platform that introduces our students to modern Business Intelligence."


Ricardo Nini Sociedad Anonima

Rite-Hite Holding Company

Royal Bafokeng Platinum



“We implemented an ASP with MicroStrategy technology that allows 100% Web access without installing components at local level. Access is granted by profile and company, while we maintain a single Metadata and different projects with different data warehouses. This way, we can keep administration costs low and guarantee the safety and confidentiality of our data”.

Matías Gorfinkiel, General Manager and Founder


Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierungs

Rural Grupo Asegurado, AIE


Rush Street Gaming

RWE Supply & Trading

"Based on personal needs each manager can today perform a drill down directly into each portfolio and navigate to the individual deal cash flows."

Ryder System

S.C.R.I.S (Canton de Vaud)


“Before, all indicators were seen as a whole, in general; now with MicroStrategy we were able to break down said indicators and see their contents.”

Ricardo Martin, Technology & Information Systems Manager

Sada Assurances

Saga Falabella

Saint Elizabeth Health Care


Salentein Argentina B.V

Samsung Electronics (삼성전자)

Samsung Life Insurance (삼성생명)

"Through MicroStrategy's powerful and intuitive interface, employees can rapidly perform analysis to improve branch performance and maximize branch productivity."

JaeJun Sung, DB Marketing Manager


San Francisco Health Plan

Sanacorp Pharmahandel

Sanitas Grundversicherungen

Santa Lucía

Santander Rio

Santiago Sáenz


Sariyer Market

SBV Services (Pty) Limited

"While insight from MicroStrategy-based advanced analytics data currently helps us to evaluate key performance measures to reduce costs and identify risks, the latest agreement will mobilize our information systems to reach decision makers on their mobile devices."


"The dashboard has allowed us to exploit the huge quantity of data we have in the SAP system, in an engaging, meaningful form that isn’t clouded with too much detail.”

Rick Anderson, Business Intelligence Manager

Seacon Logistics

SECO (Swiss Government Unemployment Agency)

"MicroStrategy is in use to provide the public and the internal organization with a variety of statistics among others with a Dashboard to measure the performance of the organization in helping unemployed finding a new job."

Securitas Direct

Seguros Sucre

Selgros Russia

Senheng® Electric

"Our executives know what to focus each day, thanks to their tailored Dashboards. They are able to spot trends and take actions to keep the business on top of our revenue targets."

Eric Mah, Finance Manager

Sennheiser electronic

"MicroStrategy was instrumental in giving Sennheiser’s employees the self-service, ease-of-use, and flexibility we needed to efficiently access customer insight, while empowering our Business Intelligence Competency Center with the security controls and governance mechanisms necessary to protect our corporate data and ensure that the insight uncovered by our employees was and continues to be one trusted version of the truth."


Servicio Andaluz de Salud

Servicio De Impuestos Internos 

Serviço Nacional das Alfândegas

Serviços Partilhados do Ministério da Saúde


Shell International


"Sherwin-Williams will deploy MicroStrategy Mobile to analyze sales, customer, and product information stored across several data sources, react to anomalies, and gain visibility to daily performance KPIs directly from their Mobile."

Shinsegae (신세계)


Shionogi (塩野義製薬株式会社)

ShopKo Stores Inc

"Our goal is to have each store stocked with the right combination of products, at the right time, at the right price. Using our superior MicroStrategy-based solution has led to achieving this goal."

Tom Burzinski, Director of Systems Development at ShopKo Stores

Shoppers Drug Mart Inc.



SIBS - Sociedade Interbancária de Serviços

SID Banka


Siemens IT Solutions and Services

"We selected MicroStrategy for its ease-of-use, integrated platform, and its ability to accommodate a global enterprise and growing support platform."

Silverstar Casino

"MicroStrategy's BI system has reduced the time Silverstar Casino spends on monthly reporting by more than 50 percent."

Anish Sana, BI Specialist




SK Communications


Skechers USA, Inc.

SMA - Groupe Auchan

Smartmatic International Holding

Soc. Portuaria Regional de Cartagena



Société Générale


“We chose MicroStrategy to solve issues related to sales costs. Before implementing our data warehousing solution, we only had data available on the cost of purchase and sale of the products offered in our stores. However, there still was a large list of other costs that we were not able to analyze, such as logistics, personnel, safety and hygiene, and quality costs, among others, that also affected to a great extent the final price of any item.”

Alejandro Schneider, Information Systems Project Leader




Sok Marketler



"MicroStrategy offers a great mobile platform for advanced reporting."

François Garang, Planning & Reporting Manager Finance


Someco Electronics

“The need for a BI solution came up when we realized that it was necessary to have information that allowed a continuous follow-up of our business taking into account that every branch was self-sufficient. Up to that moment, said follow up took a lot of time, a lot of hard work, and receiving the required information just depended upon the good will of the branches. Now, after MicroStrategy’s implementation, this task has been extremely simplified.”

Eduardo Guillemi, Information Systems Manager


Sonae Sierra


Sonic Automotive

"Our executive and regional leadership teams live on the road, traveling from dealership to dealership. This app allows them to stay connected to the data they need to run the business."

Heath Byrd, Vice President and CIO


Sovereign General Insurance Company



"With MicroStrategy we expect noticeable performance increases."

SPGM - Sociedade de Investimento



Stampa System


State of Tennessee

"End users are able to access financial data via the web, which is proving to be the most valuable service the State of Tennessee has provided to its statewide agencies in the last decade."

Sherrie Benn, Data Warehouse Consultant


Sumitomo Corporation (住友商事株式会社)

Superintendencia de Seguros de la Nacion

Superintendencia del Subsidio Familiar 

Superintendencia Nacional de Salud

Sura (Suramericana)




"MicroStrategy will power the company's BI system, allowing the global financial community to track and analyze interbank payment message traffic flowing through the SWIFT network."

Swiss Medical

“We realized that there were at least two questions that required immediate solution. One was the need to have detailed information to manage the operation, such as members’ assistance and response times. The other question was the need to deploy indicators that show relevant information about each process so as to effectively know their status”.

Ariel Torres, Business Intelligence Leader


"MicroStrategy's BI software will help us to improve our customer support and service with enhanced analytical tools."

Martin Henz, Head of Customer Process Analytics


SYK s.a.


"With the help of our daily sales & open order analysis we are able to predict on the 3rd day of a month an accurate number for the invoiced revenue by the end of the month, and this for our worldwide revenue."

Système U



Tanoni Hnos

TAP Portugal – Megasis

"It is very useful to be able to drill through volumes of data and identify areas that can help us to improve business performance."

Mário Chaves, Flight Operations Program Manager & Budget Control, Captain A320



"The MicroStrategy Cloud platform gives us access to timely and powerful analytics that inform crucial business decisions for Tapjoy and its partners. This helps to free us up to focus on our business with less burden on resources and infrastructure."

Phil O'Neill, Vice President of Analytics

Tarjeta Nevada

“We analyzed other very powerful tools, but any of them offered the flexibility we found in MicroStrategy. We’ve heard very good references from other companies of the sector with which we share joint initiatives, and besides, MicroStrategy showed a strong and solid regional presence. In conclusion, this was exactly the tool we were looking for.”

Pablo López, Business Manager


Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg


Telecom Argentina

“Other areas of the company were already using MicroStrategy with very good results. In view of the short deployment time and the complexity of the project, we decided to use this tool for Traffic Analysis as it provided great flexibility for report creation and presentation, based on the analysis of large data volumes that were then consolidated as information sets according to different points of view”.

Rodolfo Rossi, BI Administrator

Telecom Personal


"We have seen the speed by which decisions are made and productivity levels increase."

Luis Morán Abad, Manager of Technology Architecture and Information Systems

Telefónica de Argentina

“Now we can navigate information from any area to another and quickly and easily answer business questions. More intelligence translates into more efficiency”.

Juan Manuel Alonso, Business Intelligence Manager for Residential Entities

Telefonica UK Limited

"With MicroStrategy, it’s now possible for users to quickly and easily identify trends and issues in areas such as customer retention, churn and profitability, allowing for targeted responses such as specific marketing campaigns.”

Keith Guthrie, MicroStrategy Architect

Telekom Srpske

Telion AG





Texas A&M University

"MicroStrategy dashboards will provide easy-to-use and interactive insight into the economic impact data for our upcoming green industry report."

Dr. Charles Hall, Ellison Chair in International Floriculture

Texas Department of Transportation

The Container Store

"MicroStrategy gives our buyers and executives an up-to-date picture of our business and enables us to better understand what we sell, when we sell it and where we sell it, which ultimately influences our high levels of customer service.”


The Co-operators Group

The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.


The Independent Order of Foresters

The Katz Group

"We use the MicroStrategy Web-based platform strategically to determine optimal product mix and improve our margins."

Glenn Voakes, Director, Information Technology

The Learning Experience

“Microstrategy allows our executives, support staff and franchisees real time access to data across the entire organization. We can easily pull data together from multiple sources which allows us to make better decisions.”

Josh Kulberg, AVP of Information Technology

The Wet Seal

Thomas Cook

"With the help of MicroStrategy, we were able to replace 1,200 static reports in our previous solution with 50 reporting templates that are personalized for the end user through parameterizations."

Thomson Reuters Markets



TIGO - Telefónica Celular de Bolivia

Tigo Honduras

Tigo Paraguay



“With the Alert platform, we were able to quickly roll out a compelling mobile app to our customers that provides them with an enhanced experience of our brand.”

Craig DeMerit, Chief Operating Officer

TN Platex


Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance (東京海上日動火災保険株式会社)

toom Baumarkt

Topi Top

TopManage de Panama

Toshiba Europe

Total Especialidades Argentina


Toys - Giochi Preziosi



Transportation Security Administration





“With MicroStrategy, we’ve found a solution that provides the analytics, accessibility and extensibility we need, while integrating seamlessly with our existing platforms.”

Jim Berger, Vice President – Business Intelligence and Operations

T-Systems International

"Together with MicroStrategy, T-Systems will lay the BI foundation at Bundesagentur fur Arbeit [the Federal Employment Agency in Germany] and empower up to 100,000 internal and external end users with the ability to run 230,000 MicroStrategy-based reports and analytics against a 100-Terabyte data warehouse."

Turismo PECOM


Turkish Airlines



"In just a few weeks we have been able to create the first four dashboards that immediately convinced business people both from an efficiency and cost point of view."

Enrica Daolio, Special Project Manager, Global Transaction Banking

Union de Aseguradoras de Riesgos del Trabajo


Universidad Catolica de Chile

Universidad Católica del Norte

Universidad Católica del Perú

Universidad de Concepción

Universidad del Pacífico

Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello

Universidad Nacional del Sur

Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC)


Università di Bologna

Universität Kassel

"Leveraging MicroStrategy we were able to create a consolidated approach for our data. It empowers us to quickly generate reliable personal analytics and reports; as well as to assess the impact of changing parameters."

University of Colorado Denver

"Since we first started using MicroStrategy in our curriculum, we have seen a sharp increase in students' interest in enrolling in these new BI specializations as part of the MS and MBA programs."

Professor Jahangir Karimi, Director of the Information Systems Programs of the UC Denver Business School

University of Fribourg

University of Miami

"We can easily pull up reports about our current student body or applicant pool and make important decisions on admissions acceptances and enrollment questions."

Mary Sapp, Executive Director of Planning and Institutional Research


Urban Outfitters

Urbano Express

US Department of Education

US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)

US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)

US House of Representatives

US Postal Service

"MicroStrategy has enabled us to make remarkable improvements in areas including operational efficiency, financial performance, transportation logistics and customer service."

Robert Otto, Chief Information Officer/Chief Technology Officer




Verisure Innovation



Vesuvio Sacifi



Viagens ABREU

VIS Construction group  


Visiting Nurse Service of New York



Vree Health Italia





Wer liefert was?

"Our DWH is the most important information provider for our product management and our sales, as it allows to retrieve performance reports for the wlw-customers and supports the field workers with meaningful statistics on traffic analysis."

Westpac New Zealand

"Visibility into business data to answer questions that the business has not even thought of yet and closely correlate them to social and demographic trends is the new norm."

Kevin Crowley, Head of Insurance

Whole Foods Market

"Our iPhone app empowers our STLs to run their stores more effectively and provide superior customer service every step of the way."

Dave Zodikoff, Global IT Director, Purchasing and Reporting Systems



Wintrust Financial Corporation

Woodpecker Holding


Yahoo! Inc

Yellow Hat (株式会社イエローハット)



Yum Restaurants International (Pty) Ltd

Yum! Brands

"MicroStrategy is the Business Intelligence standard across our U.S. operations.  Unlike its competitors, the MicroStrategy platform offers the power, flexibility and ease of use that we need 24/7."

Tom Rosing, Director of Decision Support


“We are always scrutinizing our processes, measuring our success and efficiency based on the value-added chain, and constantly improving as a result. Accordingly, business intelligence is pivotal and crucial for Zalando since it is one of the key tools.”

Zanella Hnos y CIA

Zavarovalnica Maribor


"We are thrilled about working with MicroStrategy to deliver a high-performing mobile BI solution to our clientele in the manufacturing and distribution industries."

Zurich Insurance Group

"Developed and deployed in just a few weeks, Zurich’s mobile analytics app integrates Solvency II reporting and internal reports to support industry regulator reporting."

Zurich Versicherung Österreich

"Our relationship with MicroStrategy is the latest initiative that empowers our employees to act decisively to reduce corporate risk exposure and improve our balance sheet."