A mobile platform that has it all.

With best-in-class native mobile apps, sophisticated analytics can go wherever you do. Make better decisions on the fly and stay more connected with access to mobile, touch-optimized reports and dashboards that put critical business information at your fingertips, no matter where you are. And mobile BI is just the start. With MicroStrategy, you can use the same platform to build custom mobile productivity apps that incorporate powerful analytics tailored to any business need.

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Instantly deploy BI to mobile devices.

Mobile is fully integrated into the MicroStrategy Analytics platform, so it's easy to leverage existing visualizations, reports, and dashboards to instantly deploy mobile BI. By putting up-to-date information in employees’ hands with mobile reporting, analytics, and monitoring, organizations can empower employees to make better decisions from anywhere. And MicroStrategy doesn’t just deliver reports to a mobile device on a web browser; it creates a truly native mobile experience so users can take full advantage of the unique capabilities of their mobile devices when interacting with their data.

  • Device-optimized prompts and filters make for a visually appealing and natural workflow
  • Touch-enabled visualizations let users interact with and analyze data directly on their device
  • Mobile maps with gesture navigation make geospatial analysis more intuitive than ever before
  • Configurable app and document-level security make sure that data is always protected
  • Proactive alerting that leverages native device functionality, including Apple’s Push Notification technology, ensures that employees never miss out on critical business opportunities
  • Reports and dashboards can be securely cached to enable easy offline analysis
Illustration of a visualization dashboard made on a laptop being deployed to a tablet and smartphone

Go beyond mobile BI with powerful mobile productivity apps.

MicroStrategy empowers organizations to mobilize any information system, business process, or web application with amazing results. Transform sales enablement, retail operations, customer engagement, and more with powerful custom mobile apps that deliver results. Discover a new way to do business with analytics, transactions, multimedia, collaboration, and security-all delivered via a single mobile platform.

Mobile app for healthcare, showing specialist designation and education, locations, patient numbers, and other stats for a particular physician in a region.


Mobile app for retail, showing in-store stats of an individual customer with data from their loyalty card, including past purchases, reward points, home store, etc.


Mobile app for finance, showing a portfolio snapshot with benchmark data, asset allocation, and other metrics.


Mobile app for sales, showing the location on a map and sales data for a sales person in the field.


Deploy faster with code-free app development and design.

Building powerful, custom mobile apps has never been easier. With flexible, code-free tools and a click-to-configure development canvas, you can mobilize business workflows faster and deliver a highly responsive native user experience to every device. Deliver apps in record time and at a fraction of the cost with our extensive library of mobile-optimized widgets and drag-and-drop design interface.

Mobilize workflows with transaction-enabled apps.

Most business intelligence tools are pretty good at reading information from a data source. MicroStrategy mobile apps go one step further with native support for transactions, enabling users to write back to the database and take action when and where it’s most helpful. Using a wide range of transactional input forms, users can change or input data, approve, submit, or edit transactions, or upload images of product displays, insurance claims, and business receipts to corporate systems.

Leverage multimedia content to empower employees.

Embed videos, PDFs, presentations, and more directly in your apps to give employees, customers, and partners access to everything they need to get the job done. Update content from a centralized location and instantly push it to mobile devices, so users always have access to the most up-to-date content.

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