Introducing MicroStrategy 10.

MicroStrategy 10 is the only analytics platform that meets the needs of business and IT. It empowers organizations to make sense of large data volumes, get answers to their toughest business questions, build beautiful data visualizations, and ensure a single version of the truth–at any scale, on any device.

Data Discovery

Deploy a complete enterprise data discovery solution that gives business users flexibility without sacrificing enterprise security and scalability.

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Advanced Analytics

Access a comprehensive library of native functions and algorithms to maximize business application value.

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Explore and better understand your data with a large, extensible library of grids, graphs, and advanced visualizations.

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Enterprise Reporting

Build powerful enterprise reports that let organizations identify and distribute valuable insights from their data.

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Design and develop rich, informative dashboards built on complex data for real-time monitoring of key business metrics.

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Banded Reports and Statements

Structure large amounts of enterprise data into a natural hierarchy that is easy for users to navigate.

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Embedded BI

Incorporate a full range of BI functionality, formatting, and user interactivity into a variety of applications and portals.

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Quickly and easily deliver secure, personalized alerts, reports, and insights to 10s or 1,000s of people.

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Create powerful enterprise apps that leverage analytics, transactions, workflows, multimedia, and more, using our intuitive app development platform.

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The world’s best businesses trust MicroStrategy Analytics.

Technical resources.

Harnessing the power of data for competitive advantage

Getting the most out of data is the key to competitive advantage in 2015. See why MicroStrategy is the only platform for the job.

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Best practices for deploying secure, governed self-service analytics

Find out how MicroStrategy allows business and IT to work together to implement governed self-service analytics.

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