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Farewell to "I'll Have to Get Back to You on That”

August 18, 2014 By

This post is guest authored by Peter Ostrow, VP & Research Group Director of Customer Management and Sales Effectiveness at AberdeenGroup. How often, as a consumer of real-life goods and services, are you motivated to buy some music, make a tee time, or transfer funds to your children (my unfortunate favorite), but decide to wait on the transaction until you are sitting in front of a desktop or laptop PC, comforted by wireless connectivity?  Chances are this occurs far less frequently on...

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Mobile App spotlight: Taking a look at the MicroStrategy World Conference App

August 12, 2014 By Andrea Schiller

Last month at MicroStrategy World in Barcelona, over 1,350 attendees took advantage of the knowledge provided by BI, Big Data, Mobile, and Security industry leaders.   Participants heard more about our amazing analytics capabilities, got the latest updates about our great mobile features—including the iOS7 redesign, and new integration with MDM solutions—and can now take advantage of a variety of new MicroStrategy offerings.     For the conference, the Mobile team rolled out a standal...

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MicroStrategy’s New Packaging - 7 Things MicroStrategy Customers Can Now Do

August 8, 2014 By Rachel Zhang

Three weeks ago, during MicroStrategy World in Barcelona, Kevin Spurway, Senior Vice President, Marketing, was on hand to announce MicroStrategy’s new packaging and pricing model which consisted of simplifying  its offerings from 21 products to 4. Existing customers of MicroStrategy get upgraded to significantly greater functionality at no additional cost.   Before Simplification (21 Products): After Simplification (4 Products): While the new model is a welcome change, the ...

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Top five takeaways from MicroStrategy World's high performance panel.

August 5, 2014 By Sara Kushma

Optimal data analysis is dependent on high performance from one’s analytic software. At MicroStrategy’s recent European user conference in Barcelona, a performance panel, which reflected a combined 60+ years of MicroStrategy experience, answered some of the audience’s biggest performance questions.   Below we highlight our top takeaways to help you optimize the performance of your analytics platform.   Takeaway #1: How you structure your database or data schema to optimize perfor...

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Tribal Knowledge and Campfires, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Borg

August 1, 2014 By Guest Blogger

Every great salesperson is a great storyteller. What is the best way for a complex, mobile sales organization to capture and disseminate all the right knowledge to all customer-facing stakeholders? This post is guest authored by Peter Ostrow, VP & Research Group Director of Customer Management and Sales Effectiveness at AberdeenGroup. Do you remember how, some years ago, the new-fangled content and knowledge management platforms we invested in were going to single-handedly replace t...

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Analysts reports and rankings: Seeing the Forrester through the trees.

July 31, 2014 By Michael Hiskey

Analyst Rankings are a funny thing.  Vendors seem to sing their praises when they’re ranked well and proclaim “irrelevance” when they’re not. So, my commentary may split the middle; “ The Forrester WaveTM: Agile Business Intelligence Platforms , Q3 2014,” named MicroStrategy among the leaders in Agile BI—however, there is room for improvement (as there always is)—both in our feature set and how the analyst firm perceives it. According to the report, we’re now in the “age of the custom...

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Lessons learned: Six best practices for Cloud 2.0 success.

July 29, 2014 By Altaz Bhanji

As we settle into the era of cloud 2.0, we have a better understanding of what it takes to build successful cloud solutions. Years of maturity have led to the establishment of several best practices. Building on these lessons, leading cloud BI companies are making significant financial investments to ensure they continue creating successful environments. Download whitepaper In a report created for MicroStrategy, Cloud 2.0: Delivering Value to the Enterprise , Enterprise Management As...

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In-Memory Databases and Business Intelligence: Our partnership with Altibase

July 23, 2014 By Michael Hiskey

Having worked in the business intelligence (BI), database, and data warehousing industry for over 15 years, in-memory technology is undoubtedly the most substantial technology innovation in the relational database market. In the past few years, it has become an overused buzz term, and the meaningful innovation gets lost in the subtext. For today’s enterprise businesses, 100% database uptime is essential. When a database or server goes down unexpectedly, the consequences go much further tha...

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5 Trends Driving the Analytics Market

July 22, 2014 By Tyler Convey

Leading up to MicroStrategy World in Barcelona, Spain, my team took a look at the prevailing trends in the analytics market today. We identified five major themes that are driving analytics: self-service analytics, the mobilization of business, enterprise business intelligence, big data analytics, and cloud computing. We turned our findings into an infographic highlighting key statistics from each of these areas that illustrate their importance. If you're wondering how we ended...

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It’s all About Visibility: How the Best-in-Class Establish a Clear Line-of-Sight into Their Business

July 18, 2014 By Guest Blogger

This post is guest authored by Peter Ostrow, VP & Research Group Director of Customer Management and Sales Effectiveness at AberdeenGroup. I recently heard about a scenario that, unfortunately, may ring familiar for the reader. A substantial, multimillion-dollar B2B sale – months and dozens of players in the making – was delayed, and nearly lost, due to miscommunications among disconnected members of the selling organization. The embarrassing details? An overdue invoice unpaid by the buy...

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