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Analyze any data source.


Connect to one source or many, separately or in combination. We provide effortless access to business data from one single location. Our data connectors are optimized for each source, and allow queries to reach their greatest performance potential.

Choose your Hadoop.

Hadoop's distributed file system is the most common way of storing multistructured big data. All of the major Hadoop distributions are certified to work with MicroStrategy. Connect using Hive, Pig or proprietary SQL-on-Hadoop connectors like Cloudera Impala or IBM BigInsights. Hadoop simply becomes one more data source that MicroStrategy can query interactively, or batch load data from in-memory, without writing any code or MapReduce.

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Easily transform SAP HANA data into pixel-perfect dashboards, create insightful reports, or use it for data discovery. Faster data aggregation and computation through SAP HANA complements and boosts in-memory analytics and visual data discovery capabilities of MicroStrategy. Unleash the power of HANA to the fullest using an exceptional BI platform.

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Bring Salesforce data to life. revolutionizes how you manage sales and marketing processes. Turbocharge operational reporting from with advanced analytics and superior data visualizations. Import a single report or an entire module. Mix in product and financial data with sales information. Push sales force analytics to the next level with MicroStrategy.

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Analyze NoSQL databases with agility.

MongoDB is the leading open source NoSQL document database popular for applications such as content management, ecommerce, social networking, real-time analytics and archiving. Now, enjoy access to data in MongoDB alongside all other data sources in your enterprise.

Connect to cloud-based data.

Access cloud-based application data from Eloqua, Zendesk, NetSuite, Zuora, Intact and more using the Connection Cloud service. Run queries against Google documents and spreadsheets. Connect to social media information on Facebook. Present SaaS data in the cloud alongside enterprise data, and in real-time.

Leave no data behind.

See all data sources

Accessible data sources.

MapReduce Databases

Columnar Databases

Data Warehouse Appliances

Relational Databases

Multidimensional Databases

SaaS-Based App Data

User/Departmental Data

Bring it all together.

Combine multiple data sources.

Unify multiple sources of data for one-place querying without moving data. Present an intuitive map-like view of business data to end users abstracting away the complexity underneath. Access combined data faster by joining at its source. Glide between data sources when the investigation demands. All through simple clicks. All in real-time.

Analyze any volume of data.


Customers with the biggest Big Data needs consistently choose MicroStrategy.

Big performance for Big Data.

According to the Business Analytics Research Company's latest BI Survey, MicroStrategy's median customer data volume is 10x higher than the average of the next ten vendors.

Analyze data of all shapes and sizes, located anywhere in your enterprise or beyond, from a single place. Combine multiple sources and present data cohesively. Accelerate your business with fast and friendly tools. Make better decisions, faster.

Transform Big Data to agile data.

Big Data can move slowly. Even the most heavily optimized Hadoop queries may not deliver the speed-of-thought interactivity needed for some uses. MicroStrategy Analytics intelligently transforms and aggregates petabytes of big data into targeted gigabytes of in-memory data, ripe for agile data discovery. Preserve enough detail to support deep investigation and find business insight, while solving the performance challenges of Big Data.

Analyze faster than the competition.


Highly optimized queries by data source.

High-performance BI starts with optimizing queries to retrieve results from the database as quickly as possible. BI performance is largely dependent on the time queries take to execute in the database. Our data engines automatically optimize queries for each specific data source, ensuring that you are getting the best performance possible.

In-memory business intelligence.

Our fourth generation in-memory technology is engineered to meet increasing demand for better BI performance. Dynamic sourcing automatically pulls the data from the highest-performing layer, while allowing for seamless drill-down for more detail.

High performance on federated sources.

Our multi-source engine enables organizations to develop scalable, high-performance BI applications spanning multiple data sources, reducing dependency on data consolidation.

A self-optimizing platform.

MicroStrategy Health Center automatically scans all BI servers to anticipate and correct system problems. The Health Center collects important diagnostic information and system configuration details to help administrators resolve problems and streamline tech support interactions.

Analytics that don’t stop at the chart.


Sophisticated analytics made easy.

Enjoy a vast array of advanced analytics and predictive models in the native function library. Integrate easily with open source and standards-based proprietary analytic models. Deliver the full spectrum of business analytics to every business user.

An analytic fix for every need.

Choose from 300+ built-in analytical functions, data mining algorithms and predictive analytic models. Use in isolation or combine them together. Now even business users and information analysts can create powerful analytics using simple interfaces. Feel empowered to investigate any corner of your data.

Cloud delivery.


MicroStrategy Cloud brings together world-class enterprise BI, analytical database, and integration capabilities.


MicroStrategy Cloud is purpose-built to handle the demands of enterprise analytics, leveraging hundreds of terabytes of data and scaling to hundreds of thousands of users. It’s a tightly integrated, highly optimized environment that leverages the latest hardware and software from best-of-breed vendors.


MicroStrategy Cloud services are designed to deliver the highest available levels of security and operational control. Leverages secure, virtualized BI environments, data encryption, hardened network infrastructure including secure customer VLANs, and multilayer authentication and access control to secure customer information.


We’ll deliver your MicroStrategy Cloud environment in just 48 hours, enabling you to immediately access a world-class platform that features the industry’s most advanced hardware and software, pre-integrated and pre-optimized for high performance and availability.


MicroStrategy Cloud delivers powerful savings with zero capital expenditure on infrastructure, making BI more cost-effective than ever before. With MicroStrategy Cloud, there is no software or hardware to maintain, no costly set-up or configuration, and no facilities to manage. Our team of experts manages every customer environment at optimal efficiency, saving valuable time and resources.

Guarantee the right people are
getting the right data.


Universal governance. Data you can trust.

As both self-service and production analytical applications continue to proliferate, building trust around your data can be a nightmare. MicroStrategy’s unique single metadata for all styles of BI makes governance easy and efficient. Our powerful auditing and tracking tools tell you when, why, and how your environment is being used. Data watermarking allows users to see at a glance what is trusted and what is not. IT and business users can easily collaborate to develop analytical solutions with the flexibility of self-service and the trusted reliability of production BI.

Multi-layer security.

Companies trust MicroStrategy because we offer multiple layers of security throughout the entire BI system, including different user authentication mechanisms, object-level security, data personalization, security filters, user privileges and a centralized administration environment that delivers the most granular level of access control.

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