Once again MicroStrategy beats every one of its competitors in the data volume category.

In the world’s largest survey of BI software users.

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“MicroStrategy’s new innovations are well integrated into its BI suite and it is one of the market leaders in mobile BI and visualization. But rather than focusing on short term innovations, MicroStrategy has a long term strategy based on releasing stable products that are highly integrated. Companies also perceive the company as an innovative vendor having addressed cloud and mobile BI quite early and implemented technology much better than other, larger vendors”

– Dr. Carsten Bange, Founder and CEO of BARC, in The BI Survey 13

Mobile BI.

Mobile BI measures whether a BI product is being used for mobile BI functionality in the respondent’s company. As can be seen in the figure, MicroStrategy scored 88% higher than the average, over 300% higher than SAP BO, 65% higher than IBM Cognos, 53% higher than QlikTech and 33% higher than Tableau. As BARC testifies, “Our experience in the field is that mobile BI is strongly demanded by customers and commonly used in the early stages of a software selection process.”


Innovation is an aggregate KPI comprised of the following root KPIs: Cloud BI, Collaboration, Mobile BI and Advanced information design. The BI Survey 13 asked respondents whether they are using the above technologies or functionality as provided by their vendors. As seen in the figure, respondents are choosing MicroStrategy for these new technologies far more frequently than its peers. MicroStrategy rated 43% more innovative than the average of this peer group, 32% more innovative than Cognos, and 121% more innovative than SAP BO.

Data volume.

Once again MicroStrategy beats every one of its competitors in the data volume category. For the twelfth consecutive year, MicroStrategy customers indicated that they, by far, analyzed the largest volumes of data. As the figure shows, MicroStrategy customers analyze median data volumes that are 95% larger than the average in this peer group, 720% larger than QlikTech customers, 356% larger than QlikTech customers, 361% larger than IBM Cognos customers, and 134% larger than SAP BO customers.

Product satisfaction.

The Product Satisfaction KPI measures product problems. As this is a negative measure, the KPI is lower with a larger number of problems and increases as the number of problems decreases. MicroStrategy’s lead in product satisfaction is clear from the figure.

MicroStrategy in the BI Survey 13.

Top ranked in 3 categories, leading in 8.