Mobile App Platform

Our platform gives you special powers to turn any business function into a mobile app.

Build your own business apps, code-free.

Create compelling mobile apps – without any code or programming – using the latest features from MicroStrategy Mobile. This video shows how easy it is to collaborate, annotate, and communicate information anytime, anywhere.


Build once and deploy your new app to multiple devices and iOS and Android operating systems without any application-specific compilation or programming. Dynamic scaling, fit to page, fit to width, combined with pixel-perfect design templates empower any app designer to handle a broad range of operating system versions and aspect ratios.

Quick to develop.

The platform enables fast development through powerful engines, including: Analytical, Gesture Interpretation, Internationalization, Performance, Personalization, and Caching. Intuitive design tools demystify the app development process, enabling more people to build apps.

Easy to maintain.

All of the apps, your building blocks, and their underlying components are stored as "objects" within your centralized metadata. Different "objects" can easily be reused throughout and across apps, seeding app development. Any changes to an object are instantly reflected wherever that object is used, making enhancing and changing your apps both quick and easy.


Code-free design tools de-skill the app development process. App developers therefore require much less technical experience or training to start developing apps, lowering the cost of app development.


Extraordinary rotation support lets you decide what your users see in landscape and portrait views. There's no wrong way to hold your business information.


As part of its comprehensive 508 compliance, MicroStrategy Mobile is integrated with voiceover capabilities for visually impaired users.

Part of an enterprise-class platform.

Our mobile app platform contains a suite of developer, administration, and server tools. Enterprise-tested and enterprise-class, these tools help deliver information to over a million people every day.

Combined together, these tools and capabilities provide you with your own App Factory.

Mobile BI so good
your CEO will use it.


Touch-optimized reporting, analysis, and monitoring enable companies to analyze the data stored across their enterprise, helping them to leverage insights that inform better business decisions.

Companies choose MicroStrategy for our ease-of-use, sophisticated analytics, and superior data and user scalability.

High performance.

64-bit architecture, in-memory BI, highly optimized SQL and linear scalability are some of the technologies enabling highly performant BI. Achieve “speed of thought” analysis—five seconds or faster for most ad-hoc queries.

User and data scale.

Efficiently scale from one user to millions, delivering high-performance queries, reporting and analysis. Next-generation caching, security, and clustering offer all users—internal and external—secure access to applications without degrading performance. Our customers have consistently analyzed substantially larger data volumes than customers of all other BI products, according to The BI Survey.

Dynamic data access.

Our dynamic data access engine is designed to access multi-dimensional databases (MDDBs or MDX sources) such as those from SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW). MicroStrategy's Dynamic MDX Engine generates optimized MDX syntax that is fully certified with SAP BW using SAP’s high performance BAPI interfaces.

Offline access.

Securely store subscribed reports and dashboards locally on the device for offline analysis. When online, the app automatically downloads any available new and updated content.


Sign up for personalized alerts that leverage Apple’s Push Notification technology. If inventory is down at a specific store or a sales forecast is up for an entire region, receive an alert and an accompanying report, so you never miss a critical business opportunity.

Predictive analytics and data mining.

Use any number of built-in predictive functions, or import models from third-party data mining vendors. Embed strategic, predictive analytics and alerts into your app and workflows.

Wisdom for Facebook and Wisdom Places.

Interact with two fun and free example apps powered by MicroStrategy's Mobile App Platform.

Wisdom for Facebook.

Wisdom for Facebook is a free app that acts like your personal polling and recommendation service, providing interesting insights into your social network and beyond. Want to know what music is popular with young people? What movies are popular with guys over 35 years old? What type of people like a particular TV show? You've come to  the right app – Wisdom.

Download the app

Wisdom Places.

Wisdom Places is a fun, new way for you to discover the most popular places with the crowds you’re interested in, be it music lovers, singles, people from a certain region, or your own custom crowd. Find the hot spots where people like you go and learn more about who they are, what they like, and where they’re from.

Download the app

Discover your data.

Any data.

Our next-generation SQL engine provides fast, seamless access to petabytes of data, optimized for all leading database vendors. MultiSource technology allows users to seamlessly report on, analyze, and monitor data across multiple sources through a single business model.

Any visual.

From bubble charts and network graphs to data-driven calendars, time series charts and interactive grids galore, a wide range of visualization options deliver an immersive analytical experience that can be integrated into any part of your decision-workflow and mobile apps.

Any insight.

Empower untrained business users to create compelling data visuals that are not only great-looking, but also swipeable, tappable, refreshable and interactive. Drill anywhere and reach down into the biggest databases —extracting the most detailed information—in seconds. It's slicing and dicing data in its finest form.

Connect to almost any source of information.

MDX Data Sources


Microsoft Analyst Services

IBM Cognos TM1

Hyperion Essbase

Packaged ERP/CRM

Oracle Business Suite



Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne



Microsoft Sharepoint


Microsoft Dynamics

DBMS Platforms

Aster Data



HP Neoview





SQL Server






Red Brick






Big Data


Custom Operational Systems

Finance/ Accounting

Human Resources


Supply chain management

Project management

Customer relationship management

Data Services

Access control






MS Powerpoint

MS Excel






Websites csv


MS Sharepoint

Open Web Services







Decisions. Decisions.
Done and done.

Act on information directly from your mobile device.

Monitoring your organization’s performance in the palm of your hand anytime and anywhere is a powerful business capability—but, interacting with that information to approve requests, submit orders, change plans, and capture information at the moment of insight takes that power to a new level.

MicroStrategy Transaction Services lets you embed write-back functionality into documents and dashboards for the purposes of decision-making or initiating a transaction.

Touch-based inputs.

Use a wide range of transactional input forms and a flexible drag-and-drop design template. Change and add new data using text and number inputs, calendar, camera, GPS, switches, steppers, and sliders. Utilize transactions widgets such as Photo Uploader, Interactive Grid, and Transactional Grids.

Offline transactions.

Approve, submit, or edit information even when away from a cellular or wifi signal. When offline, transactions are queued for submission when you next connect.

Image capture.

Capture and upload images to a database or ERP system. Retailers capture store front or product displays. Insurance agents add images alongside claims notes. Business people attach visual records of receipts alongside expense filings.

Request processing and management.

  • Review all business items requiring action from you.
  • Approve requests based on relevant information presented.
  • Deny requests at the tap of a button.
  • Reconsider ongoing requests by asking for more information.

Supply chain and order management.

  • Analyze your business to determine which orders to accelerate.
  • Edit any part of any order anywhere, anytime.
  • Change values using touch-based controls such as wheels and switches.
  • Update values to increase orders, increase prices, or take other actions.

Appointment scheduling and sign-up.

  • Schedule services for customers or yourself.
  • Cancel and reschedule from your mobile device.

Financial management and risk control.

  • Manage counterparty exposure whether your in the boardroom or on the 18th hole.
  • Approve transactions and fund transfers.
  • Update amounts and dates to keep information accurate.

Remote data collection.

  • Empower your sales force with location-specific, information sourcing apps.
  • Capture product or promotional displays, restaurant quality, warehouse inventory, or whatever else you see.
  • Capture event information when it happens.

People expect a completely slick multimedia experience with every app they use. Including yours.

Use multimedia to engage your audience.

Put multimedia in your consumer-facing apps and deliver your latest promotional videos, commercials, and product endorsements directly to your customer. Enrich enterprise apps with how-to videos, guides, and manuals to equip your mobile workforce with any type of information they need.

Secure document container.

Access, download, consume, and store multimedia—all without leaving your MicroStrategy Mobile app. Alongside your BI, source all of your multimedia files securely and dynamically. Access and download content for consumption now or later. Store content locally in your device, securely encrypted next to your BI data within MicroStrategy's secure app sandbox.

Dynamic sourcing.

Dynamically source content from file systems and SharePoint, using WebDAV, web services, and SQL. Source and deliver confidential data from a content server behind the firewall, transmitted over secure channels using SSL and AES encryption.

Watch, read, email, browse in your app.

Users expect a smooth, integrated app experience. Watch videos or view Twitter feeds within the same window. Access and read PDFs, link to email and contacts, and access web content in a full page browser—all this, without ever leaving your app.

Sales material library apps.

  • Produce and distribute the latest sales and marketing content for your mobile workforce.
  • Deliver only the latest and best presentations in a convenient mobile format.
  • Reduce confusion caused by cluttered file systems that must be synced with field employee computers.

Conference and event apps.

  • Enhance attendee satisfaction using interactive mobile apps for all of your events
  • Update content instantly and during the event, making print deadlines a thing of the past
  • Integrate with social media for collabortation and networking
  • Change content throughout the conference to reflect releases and announcements

Face-to-face decision making. Available on an app near you.

Collaborate within your apps.

Want to ask someone a question about information displayed on your MicroStrategy Mobile app? Just use the Annotate and Share feature to draw shapes freehand or add a comment. Then share your annotated screen via email to your colleagues without ever leaving the app.

Cisco unified communications system.

MicroStrategy customers now have the ability to build custom business apps embedded with video collaboration alongside their transactions, multimedia, and analytics. MicroStrategy’s Mobile App Platform now integrates with Cisco Unified Communications to provide real-time user presence, chat, voice, and video-calling capabilities. You can now communicate faster, better and easier, and all right from your MicroStrategy Mobile app.

MicroStrategy mobile integrates with Apple TV.®

Carry your information wherever you go, and throw it up onto the screen using Apple TV. Present your data-driven visualizations on the screen, and control them from your iPad or iPhone.

Host at our place or yours.

Mobile platform as a service.

The MicroStrategy Cloud Platform is available as a managed service to companies that want to fast track delivering mobile apps for their enterprise.

Faster and easier.

It's never been easier to tap into the power of enterprise mobile apps. We’ll deliver your MicroStrategy Cloud environment in just 48 hours, enabling you to immediately access a world-class platform that features the industry’s most advanced hardware and software, pre-integrated and pre-optimized for high performance and availability.

Professional grade.

Secure, high performance, and future proof. Built on the industry’s most advanced and most complete Cloud BI platform. Tested secure by some of the world’s largest enterprises.


It’s easy to start small with a monthly subscription, prove the benefits, and grow. MicroStrategy Cloud eliminates expensive upfront capital expenditures on hardware and software, and delivers a proven five-year TCO advantage.

Get started with MicroStrategy Mobile for free.

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